Time is quickly running out for Congress to keep the government from shutting down.

While a few Democrats decided to vote in favor, the Amnesty Republicans decided to vote no making the cloture vote much harder to achieve, although McConnell’s no vote was procedural.

This is quite interesting.  Senator Dianne Feinstein from California said this:

“Shutting down the government is a very serious thing. People die, accidents happen,” Feinstein told CNN. “You don’t know. Necessary functions can cease. There is no specific list you can look at and make a judgment: ‘Well everything is going to be just fine.’ You can’t make that judgment. So, I think it’s a last resort. And I’m really hopeful we don’t get to it.”

I guess she condemned American citizens to their deaths, although this might actually make her culpable if one does die, like say from a DREAMER with a gun.


The Republicans added CHIP funding for six more years, something the Dems were harping about over the last months, excoriating Republicans for not providing funding earlier. Although back in August, Republicans offered to extend it for a shorter term, the Dems rejected it for political reasons.

Before the vote, every Democrat that could run to a camera said they didn’t want a shutdown.  And yet almost all but a few Democrats decided to vote no on cloture to allow the bill to go forward. Huh.

Interestingly, the liberal pundits have all been pushing this rather weird narrative.

Apparently, someone so “educated” like Joy Reid would understand how the Senate actually works. I personally think she needs to ask for a tuition refund.

Vox had a rather interesting take:

What’s more, if Republicans really had 50 votes in the Senate, and cared deeply enough about keeping the government open, they could always heed Trump’s call and eliminate the filibuster, denying Democrats any ability to obstruct their agenda on issues where Republicans are united.

This isn’t to pin exclusive blame on Republicans for the shutdown. Democrats have clearly decided that a shutdown is a price worth paying for a DACA deal. But what’s genuinely bizarre is that Republicans have decided a shutdown is a price worth paying for not doing a DACA deal, despite insisting they want to do a DACA deal.

In other words, it’s the Republicans fault for not listening to Trump and getting rid of the customary filibuster so they could push their agenda forward, even though Vox said the Dems should use their power to obstruct the damaging GOP agenda.


Go figure.

Besides, not sure Vox follows the political news very well. Only a few Republicans want a DACA deal. Trump wants a legal version of DACA that doesn’t include amnesty.  The only source to that I have been able to find that Trump wants DACA amnesty are the Senators who seem to have faulty memories coming out of meetings to feed their narratives. He said plenty of times that he doesn’t want amnesty.

For those Republican candidates challenging incumbent Democrats in the districts where Trump won, hope you’re taking good notes on what is happening. Lots of good campaign material here.




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