Phase II of the Cycle

A certain someone is now entering Phase II of the cycle.

(image used under the Twitter Terms of Service)

Bill Schmalfeldt, after the beatdown he took at the hands of a South Carolina Magistrate that told him in no uncertain terms he hasn’t learned from any of his pro-se mistakes, is making a comeback.

After spending some time trying to lay low, he has completed that step and is now embarking on the next phase of his return: rebranding.   This is an effort to build up his following so he can attempt to push his narrative to a favorable audience.

Now some of this may have to be accelerated after it has been discovered that he has come under Twitter’s undocumented “shadow ban” feature. Certainly, this won’t sit well, but it could be used as a factor in blaming the “alt-right” for trying to silence him which he will use in his blogging. I’m guessing it has more to do with someone at Twitter clicking his “comedy” skits and having an adverse reaction requiring medical attention.

In addition, John Hoge has let it be known that he is not finished with Team Kimberlin and so there may be more fireworks that causes him to jump to Phase V in a hurry.  Grab your popcorn.

For all you new people, here are the phases of each cycle as I have observed.  Some of the other regulars may add to this in the comments, but make no mistake – All this has happened before. All this will happen again.

Phase I:  Lay low, try to ignore everyone while keeping tabs on them.  Wait until the wounds heal and realize you need to get back into the game.

Phase II: Rebrand. Start flooding social media with it. Make a couple of strafing runs at a couple of your enemies on social media, if anything to let them know you’re still watching.

Phase III: Declare that everyone won’t leave you alone and you need to fight back. Start doxxing a few people, write a bunch of angry blog posts about John Hoge and set timers for them to be memory-holed. Revive the old right-wing narratives and conspiracies.

Phase IV: Outrage level jumps to eleventy!!11!1!, threaten to file another lawsuit and claim you will include new doxxed individuals unless they cooperate. Run the narrative their lives may be stricken with poverty and relish what will happen when trial begins.  Parkinson’s Disease will be raised to Stage IV.

Phase V: File a lawsuit against the usual group, and maybe include a new name or so, tell everyone you’re serious this time and tired of the abuse. File a false IFP petition, screw up service, submit amended complaints with a lot of Roes and Does, collect a couple new restraining orders, and beg a judge to let you go to trial after defendants Motion to Dismiss.  Flame out and declare victory once the suit is dismissed, claim the world is against you, and try to hide before defendants come after you.


Any bets on when Phase II ends and Phase III begins?


4 thoughts on “Phase II of the Cycle

  1. I’m not sure where these go in your description of the Schmycle, but here are a few:

    Bad Ass Bill

    Bargaining Bill
    “If you’ve lawyered up, have your lawyer get in touch with me and I will be glad to discuss how we can make this whole thing go away for you. Well, for some of you. First responses get most generous terms.”

    I Have a Turncoat Bill
    Someone has flipped and is just about ready to blow the whole scheme wide open, so you better flip too.

    Give Me Krendler or Else Bill
    If you take down your web site and leave the internet, AND TELL ME WHO KRENDLER IS AND ALL THE OTHERS, I’ll drop you from the suit.

    Above It All Bill
    None of your comments matter to me.

    You’re Killing Me Bill
    AKA They’re Trying to Kill Me Bill / I’m dying of stage eleventy billion Parkinsons. You’re making me walk and I’m gonna die!

    Goodbye Cruel World Bill

    Head Fake Bill
    I WAS going to drop the LOLsuit but something that somebody wrote who is NOT in the LOLsuit made me change my mind so BLAME THAT GUY!

    I’m Really Really Really Dropping the LOLsuit This Time Bill

    Leave Me Alone Bill
    I’m not bothering you anymore (for now) so leave me alone.

    Cowardly, Run Away Bill

    Silent Bill
    Silent Bill is a problem because this occurs under several conditions, not just one. Those conditions are:

    – Deletion and spoliation of evidence
    – Preparing/creating new blogs and Twitter IDs (rebranding)
    – Preparing/creating podcasts
    – Writing new LOLsuits
    – Writing dismissals with prejudice
    – Writing Exhibits for his most “excellent” friend 😀
    – Watching Packers games
    – Leave Me Alone Bill because it’s trying to teach the horde a “lesson”
    – Copyrighting the works of others in his own name
    – Forging evidence (emails, account ids, slashed tires, etc.)
    – Running away and hiding like a coward from countersuits

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  2. Then there is the stage that runs quietly behind the other stages like a a softly running stream…

    I’m A Punk Ass Pussy Bill.

    That stage seems to power all the others.

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  3. Dare I say it? It appears that he is even DUMBER than Bill Schmalfeldt h is PAYING a lawyer to los his case. And h has done everything Bill Schmalfeldt has, Thomas Mix has reported me to his local police for “cyber-stalking” and the FBI for “hacking!” Mix has also rebranded and despoiled evidence…. ~HEH~ And lest we forget the #VeroBeachCrybully claims he is winning!!

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