Wonder how they will spin this?


Oh, this could be fun!

Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, the transgender soldier who was convicted of espionage and later had his sentence commuted by former President Obama, has filed to run as a Democrat for the US Senate seat in Maryland.

The Huffington Post went all out last week to count the number of criminals that were running for public office for the GOP in the upcoming midterms. Three of the four GOP candidates had misdemeanor convictions, and the other, a felony for tax evasion.  The Democrat candidate has a criminal record for stalking women (if you could only see my shocked face.)

Although the incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin is expected to overwhelmingly win the primary, wonder how the Democrats will deal with having a social media hero of the left  that betrayed his country on the primary ticket?


2 thoughts on “Wonder how they will spin this?

  1. After the Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself, spent years making a hero out of Manning I wonder how they will oppose him in the primary?

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