Fake Equal Pay


When your narrative is more important than the facts.

Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshoots of the movie All the Money in the World while other actors were paid nominal amounts or nothing.

According to the USA Today:

Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes in All the Money in the World, three people familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly about it tell USA TODAY, while Michelle Williams was paid an $80 per diem totaling less than $1,000. 

That works out to Williams being paid less than 1% of her male co-star.

The article makes a big deal about the fact that the other actors, including director Ridley Scott, took little or no money.  In a December article,  USA Today reported that Michelle Williams wanted to do it for free

And when she realized the ramifications it would have for All the Money in the World, and for “Rid” (her nickname for Scott), “I just thought that this experience that we had all treasured was going to be essentially flushed down the toilet,” the actress says.

It’s why she gave up a planned cozy Thanksgiving at home to reshoot her scenes.

“I adore (Scott), worship him, would do anything for him,” Williams says. “I hated that this man’s time and expertise and gentlemanly-ness was going to be kind of for naught. So when I got the phone call about the change of plans I was thrilled. I was enlivened, it picked me up off the couch a little bit and got me excited.”

Both Wahlberg and Williams were represented by the same agency, a point that is raised in the article implying that the agency favored Wahlberg.

Let me get this straight:  Wahlberg negotiated a better deal (actors are hired by contract, they don’t go to a temp pool and then are selected at an hourly rate) and Williams CHOSE to reshoot for little or no money.  This somehow highlights a gender pay problem?


No, the problem is that some people make bad business decisions and they let everyone know they make such bad decisions.

Sounds a lot like someone else I know..

4 thoughts on “Fake Equal Pay

    • It’s possible that could be true. I interpreted her statements to why she chose not to take any remuneration was a business reason so that the art could be produced without a lot of expense. She sacrificed time and money to complete the work she felt strongly about.


      • Either reasoning sounds like a sound decision on her part. Hollyweird is a place that runs on reputations (why else does everyone and their dog have a publicist?). A reputation of hard work and putting the project above concerns that could kill the project would be a good one to develop.

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  1. Later it came out that her contract required her to work on reshoots and specified what she’d get paid. His contract didn’t require that he reshoot at all. So . . .

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