Offensive, Hateful Mascots


They are coming for your mascots!

The University of Denver is now siding with a small group named “Native Student Alliance” that the Pioneer mascot is offensive because it is “associated with westward expansion, genocide, oppression, assimilation of Native American students.”

While the alumni and students overwhelmingly wanted to keep the mascot, administration officials have, once again, overrode the wishes in favor of liberal snowflakes.

It should be noted that over the last 20 years, the mascot has changed back and forth, but it appears that the return to the Pioneer mascot has sent snowflakes into a frenzy.

Pioneers were really bad people.



4 thoughts on “Offensive, Hateful Mascots

  1. Hey!! They took my mascot, Chief Illiniwek, even though the Native Americans who made and maintained the costume were fine with it. 3-4 Elizabeth Warren-type “Native American” agitators got the Trustees to roll over. Damnit!!

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