Dumbass Tweet O’ Day (updated)


Apparently, history has been written and some people know they are on the right side of it.

From her website bio –

Bess Kalb is an Emmy-nominated writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. She also writes for The New Yorker’s “Daily Shouts.” She wrote for the Emmys in 2012 and 2016 and for the Oscars in 2017. She contributed jokes for Hillary Clinton’s Al Smith Dinner speech, costing her the election. Then she was the winner on her disgusting episode of the Comedy Central game show “@Midnight,” which was cancelled very shortly after her appearance.

It’s possible she wrote the tweet as a joke, but.. nah.  I hope the teacher uses her tweets to make a point about how others exercising the same rights as you want to shut down your rights.

Update: She deleted it after she tweeted this:

She thinks people were mad about her opinion. I’m guessing she thinks her approach was not the problem.

Update 2:  In response to wpdavidd’s comment, this is the original teacher tweet since she deleted her tweet:


3 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day (updated)

  1. I think the teacher has the lesson he/she was looking for…

    “I wanted to teach you about the power of social media by seeing how far my tweet could spread, but instead, let’s take a look at the consequences of engaging in thoughtless insults online, and how quickly someone who might disagree with you can get told to fuck right off.”

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