Trump’s Mental Fitness


Trump Derangement Syndrome has spread to all corners of the liberal internet sphere and also in the streets of liberal cities.  Recently, the media has been bringing psychiatrists and psychologists out for spot diagnosis on the President’s mental health.

While it is against the ethics of a professional psychiatrist or psychologist to offer a diagnosis without first having the person consent to be examined, some “advocates” have come forward, including Yale Psychiatry professor Dr. Brandy Lee, and briefed members of Congress (all but one were Democrat, and the one Republican was not named, probably not to Flake out), saying that she and some of her colleagues were very concerned about his fitness for office.

I’m guessing she was giving them planks for the upcoming mid terms, since they seem to be out of ideas to run on.  Apparently, if you don’t agree with leftists politics, and troll the left on Twitter, it’s grounds for removal of office, or something.  Let’s consider who came forward from that meeting to talk about it; the guy on the right.

While this was happening,  questionable journalist Michael Wolff published a very gossipy and most likely, fictional book that has the leftist media in a frenzy.  Apparently, one of the passages has to do with Trump wanting a “gorilla channel” which generated a separate thread of Trump instability on Twitter by Seth Abramson (the guy makes 60 tweet threads about Russian collusion almost every day.)

I don’t know whether Trump is mentally unstable or has psychological problems, or whether he really enjoys animals on TV. Is he tweeting “smartly”? I’m not sure. I’m of the belief that he knows the left will analyze every tweet and make all kinds of news from each one, and so he indulges them. Like hungry fish in a pond, he just has to dangle some bait over the water and the fish come jumping.

Today he commented on his mental state and intelligence saying he is a “stable genius”. It would be hard to argue with a man who made billions of dollars in business and knows not only how to sell himself, but his brand.  And then leverage that brand to make a run into politics for the highest office in the land, and then win.

After taking office in his first year, the Dow breaks a new record high on average every week.  Unemployment numbers drop and consequently, the participation rate goes up, meaning the labor market is getting stronger.

When one of his major legislative initiative passes, Americans are seeing improved economic fortunes.  Over a million Americans have received at least a $1,000 bonus and many more have seen their wages improve above inflation since his tax cuts enactment.  The prospects of economic growth have sent consumer sentiments to impressive highs.

So what about the mental fitness of the left?

The left has been trying to get him banned from Twitter and other social media platforms. Their reasoning? Because he’s instigating nuclear war against North Korea and SURELY that violates some TOS clause.

There is a billionaire climate change advocate spending millions of dollars on ads across all kinds of platforms with him sitting next to a fireplace in one of his many homes telling people Trump is unfit for office and we need to impeach him.

Nancy Pelosi, some Democrats in Congress, and a number of Hollywood actors believe the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs bill would result in the deaths of Americans.  The CDC has yet to confirm a single death from “tax relief”.

The firing of James Comey is illegal and proof of obstruction of Justice according to every leftist pundit.  Trump didn’t fire Comey on a whim. It was Sessions and another DOJ official who recommended Comey be fired. Comey seems to have some issues of his own with the revelation he may have given classified documents to a journalist.

Attorney’s General from 11 Democrat states have been suing the Trump administration continuously, including forcing Trump to keep the DACA program which Obama instituted as directive to DHS back in 2012, by saying he’s overstepping his authority.

I certainly can’t make a claim that Trump is unfit for office. I can say, though, his opposition is on the crazy train.


11 thoughts on “Trump’s Mental Fitness

  1. I should point out that the “Gorilla Channel” was a parody of “Fire & Fury” excerpts, which various slow-thinking members of our leftish brethren swallowed whole of course.

    I’m unsure if the parody is any more fictional than the material it satirises.

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    • ROFL… Fakinsons and his case of unwarranted self importance actually thinking PRESIDENT Trump gives a shit what some unemployed grifting fuck who vomits the political equivalent of “I JUST POOPED!!” has to say.


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      • Suck it FAKINSONS, that’s PRESIDENT Trump. The same man who in one year:

        1) restored our standing of respect in the international community,
        2) doesn’t bow like a pussy to bully dictators (or, as Obama would say “good comrade Kim jong un”)
        3) showed respect for those who serve our country with honor (I.e. NOT YOU stolen valor) instead of just standing by while letting good men get mowed down
        4) showed his respect for those who actually work (against , not you shitbag) by giving them a tax break instead of just doling out more gibs to you and your fellow leeches,
        5) all while controlling the increase in the national debt to a level sad-excuse-for-a-” president” Obama would blow through in only 5 months at the height of his spending.

        Trump has done more to help Americans in one year than Obama did in 8, which considering that fellow shitbag of yours’ whole agenda was to destroy america isnt a hard feat to attain.

        Now please, do one good thing in your miserable life for your country: die.

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  2. Having a professional psychiatrist diagnosis a person as mentally unfit was a tactic of the KGB. A KGB staff psychiatrist would sign papers declaring a person as mentally ill, then that person would be picked by KGB therapist, committed to a “hospital” controlled by the KGB. The “patient” would then be “treated” with “electroshock” and “psychedelic drugs” until he confessed..I mean until he was better.

    So tell me who the fuck are teh fascists and communists?

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  3. I don’t know about Trump’s mental health but he certainly appears to be a “carrier” of crazy who infects his opponents while not catching it himself.
    Just a thought though — assuming Trump is both stupid and crazy as claimed by many on the Left, what does that say about the campaign and candidate he beat?

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  4. I think the problem is that Trump approaches things as a businessman instead of a politician. Other politicians and pundits have no frame of reference for dealing with someone like that. His bluster and, what many say are un-presidintial, tweets confuse the people used to beltway behavior.

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