The New Year will be gloomy for some.


Some in the New Year are excited about the prospects of a better outcome. Others, however, are looking back and taking stock into how much worse things are and they point to the President as the problem.

Ana Navarro, a “NeverTrumper” and “supposedly” Republican contributor to CNN shares her daily hate of the President.

This was in response to a Politico story written by a former George W. Bush speech writer and fellow “NeverTrumper” Matt Latimer, who wrote his own bad (not as bad as Schmalfeldt) satirical take on how Trump had improved things in his first year.

There are a couple of things I do agree with her that have gotten worse under Trump: Television Award Shows and NYC Traffic.  Both of these institutions are run by liberals entrenched in the “Resistance”.

I’m guess the Big Family Gatherings she’s suffering from are of her family that probably wants to stage an intervention for her TDS.

Poor Ana.


5 thoughts on “The New Year will be gloomy for some.

  1. That things sort are what they are. Ignore them like you’d ignore rats on the subway tracks. If they don’t get up among the actual people, they’re just a bit of “color” to the surroundings and not something that actually matters.

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