Liberals End of Year 2017


Trump’s agenda continues to produce results, much to the anger, or despair, of liberals. If the liberals keep this up, they may be responsible for expanding anti-depressants usage as well as the opioid epidemic. There may even be a need to order more white coats with locking sleeves.

Now that Christmas has come and gone, Santa didn’t give what the liberals the indictment they were hoping for under in their stockings.  Depending on who you want to believe, either Mueller has another year left to figure out if there was criminal collusion with a foreign country to deny Hillary her rightful chair in the Oval Office, or he’s close to wrapping up because there are few witnesses left to interrogate and no one is flipping.

While Mueller has an indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates for alleged financial crimes well before Trump’s campaign began, speculation is that another indictment is on the way for their activities, again, unrelated to actual Russian collusion. The pleas of Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos seems to have not added anything new, despite promises to cooperate with authorities.

Mueller’s investigation has yet to reveal any new information on possible collusion, but news of FBI investigators having potential political motivations that could taint any prosecution have come forward. Tweets between an investigator and a department lover lawyer reveals not only the two were having an illicit affair, but were both supporters of Hillary Clinton and were possibly wanting to sabotage Trump’s ascendancy to the White House.

Some believe the “insurance policy” that was the subject of a series of tweets is actually the Steele Dossier which is nothing more than a gossipy Kardashian episode on steroids. While some of the die hard leftists Trump haters in the MSM, and the impeachment ready Democrats, have said that some items have been corroborated, such as “there are words on paper” and “the Democrats had mostly funded it”, the more illicit parts, including any collusion, remain unsubstantiated.

Question: If Mueller and Andrew McCabe are Republican, and Democrats view Republican criticism of them as ridiculous because of their “party affiliation”, what do you suppose the Democrats would say if Mueller’s report showed no collusion? Would it be because of Mueller’s political affiliation?  If there was ever a more obvious set up…


Personally, I don’t think Mueller’s political affiliation will have any affect on his conclusions. I do believe he will issue a report that will impute “something” went on, but there was no hard evidence.  He will say some of Trump’s advisors were vulnerable to compromise based on Russian knowledge of campaign officials, and that by itself represented a threat that Trump should have been aware of. I think he will stop short of saying the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to deny Hillary her destiny.

As the prospects of Trump’s quick impeachment continue to dwindle, Democrats have upped the rhetoric to comedic levels of drama. It’s gotten so bad that the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that put money back into the hands of the middle class, or even regular tax payers, would allegedly be responsible for the deaths of many Americans.  In fact, according to American Pope and abortion advocate Rosie O’Donnell, Paul Ryan is going to hell for the legislation.

No really, she said that. I guess we’re going to need a whole lot of body bags.



So if you were to look at Trump’s accomplishments over the last year, it would seem that he is implementing conservative policies and actions as he promised, although he’s had to make some adjustments due to political realities. While Obamacare has yet to be repealed, Republicans have set themselves up to eventually get it repealed using a legislative strategy that works in two ways:

One is get the economy going.  By getting money back into the hands of the middle class, freeing up companies from stifling regulations, and bringing money back into the country, they are doing something Obama and Democrats couldn’t: Improve the lives of the middle class.

The second is to take out the legs of Obamacare, not that it wasn’t imploding on itself already.  While the individual mandate repeal doesn’t take effect until 2019, this gives insurers a chance to plan for the eventual changes that will open up a much better path to profitability.  Liberal states like California, New York and Illinois, however, will experience a much harder withdrawal. And, of course, it will be their own fault for electing liberals in the first place.

Obviously, this was not the original plan. Trump, however, is said to have been working behind the scenes moving the agenda, which speaks well to his business acumen. More than one person speaking during the GOP Tax Cut Victory lap mentioned Trump’s willingness to call meetings to keep moving forward.  It seems Trump is learning to adapt.

With this legislation, it appears Republicans are banking on an improved economy to help the vote, especially in red states Trump won, that make some senate races good targets to pick off.  There are enough that, if Republicans can maximize their message and get voters to turn out, they stand to gain a super majority in the Senate and fast track their agenda in time for 2020 elections, assuming the economy continues to grow.

A strong economy helps to keep voters from switching parties which is usually what happens during midterms.  Trump has defied all the political rules and norms, so if his goal is to get a Senate super majority and keep the house, this would also be unprecedented if he succeeded.  A lot of liberals may require medical attention after the results.

Other areas where Trump has succeeded include the near eradication of the ISIS in relatively short order. Military commanders have been more open about praising the President for removing the combat decision process out of the White House so it can focus more on the strategic policy objectives.

Still, there is more work to be done to update and replace aging weapons platforms to keep US combat capabilities the best in the world. This is especially true if North Korean or Iranian thugs want to pick a fight. Neither present a particularly difficult problem in terms of the military’s ability to accomplish it’s mission; the problem is the collateral fallout from neighboring countries and competing factions. Whatever happens, our military needs the improvements, irrespective of the foreign policy objectives.

Trump continues to stack the courts with conservative judges, with the most notable success of Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court.  The GOP can push the message that Trump might be able to make appointments to at least one liberal seat and perhaps push Kennedy’s seat further right if he decides to retire.

Imagine having a filibuster proof Senate to move nominations faster, not that they need it any longer since Mitch McConnell changed the rules using the Democrat playbook written by Harry Reid.  Still, court picks remains another strong reason to keep the Congress in GOP control. Unfortunately, a few recent nominees appear to have been unqualified, something Trump and his advisers will need to improve upon.

Individual retirement plans that are based on the stock market are the biggest winners so far.  While many predicted a tanking, even after the realization that Trump would become President on election night, the exact opposite has happened.  Very surprised that “Crow” futures didn’t go way up.

The biggest news that none of the media is reporting is how much less has been added to the debt:

On Jan 3, 2016, the US Debt stood at: $18,900,932,690,017

On Jan 19, 2017, before Trump took office the debt stood at: $19,947,304,555,212

The debt increased during that time by $1,046,371,865,195 .

On Jan 22, 2017, the US debt stood at  $19,949,678,366,998

On Dec 22, 2017, the US debt stood at $20,492,874,492,283

The debt increased by only $543,196,125,285.00, a roughly 50% reduction.


Some liberals still tout the often debunked talking point that Obama cut the deficit in half over the life of his presidency.  The numbers say otherwise. This however, is true for Trump. If President’s can claim good news under their watch, this would fall in line with this precedent. On Trump’s scorecard, this is a big win.

All in all, if you’re getting a bonus, pay raise, better job opportunities, or even a tax break of a couple thousand dollars, you would think your world is getting better. Fear not! Liberals are there to remind you just how bad a shape America is in right now, and it’s not going to get better until Trump is impeached or the Democrats gain control of Congress.

Mueller, though, still has a chance to give them the present they so desperately need.



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  1. I don’t know if Trump is learning to adapt so much as he may be learning who is smart enough to make deals with. And I suspect even McConnell may be finding out that Trump isn’t who the Left portrays him as.

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