Even Cindy Lou Who wouldn’t be fooled by this..


Even on Christmas Day, you would think people wouldn’t tell even worse lies than the Grinch.

Bill Schmalfeldt wants you to believe that this list includes referrers to his BNN Podcast.

For a website to be a “referrer”, it must have a link on its page to the URL it wants to direct the user.  If I wanted you to go to Schmalfeldt’s podcast, I would need to put a link in an article or somewhere on my website.  The target website would then look at a header which contains the URL of the page where the link was clicked.

Except he has a problem: I’ve never put a link on my website to any of his podcasts, much less any website he manages.

It is true that I have embedded tweets that may contain links, but I have not embedded any tweets that have links back to his podcasts, especially ones from his current accounts.

So where is he getting his list?

Schmalfeldt is a known forger and a liar.  This also suggests that thinkingmanszombie.com is most certainly not providing links either.  While Paul Krendler and I have never discussed Schmalfeldt’s podcasts,  it is my impression that Paul would never do such a thing willingly.

It’s sad that even during Christmas, he can’t seem to help himself with pushing more lies. I wonder what Santa would say about that?

Even so, if people are brave enough to sit through a horribly produced podcast that make cats in neighboring counties run for cover,  the Sonoran Conservative’s official stance is “Highly Recommended Do Not Waste Your Time”.

And if you still have trouble being convinced, rankings don’t lie.  Here’s how websites under his management have fared the last six months:

These numbers are reminiscent of this kind of management:



6 thoughts on “Even Cindy Lou Who wouldn’t be fooled by this..

    • Pretty much. The sad part is that I don’t think he knows how not to lie. Even in the face of overwhelming truth, he’ll retreat to a lie. He claims we have ruined his reputation. It’s hard for someone else to ruin his reputation when he is the one actually killing it.

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