Bernie Sanders thinks tax cuts are a good thing..

If you watch the video, he’ll realign and tell you how bad it is.

“Yeah, sure they are great, but..”

And yet..

Funny how within hours of the passage, millions of Americans started receiving unexpected Christmas bonuses. Disaster?

If the GOP were smart, they would be working overtime to get ads ready in all the red states where Senate Democrats are up for re-election.

2 thoughts on “Huh..

  1. typical democrat weasal
    the reason the individual tax cuts weren’t made permanent was because to do so would open the bill to be filibustered, and without at least 9 democrats willing to support it, it wouldn’t have passed.
    By making them sunset the bill wasn’t open to be filibustered letting the republicans pass it with a simple majority.
    So as usual, its the Dem’s fault they aren’t permanent.

    not that you’d hear that from the alphabet MSM.

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