And you wonder why the media is biased..


Sarah Huckabee-Sanders must feel like this a lot when dealing with the press.

First things first:

The exchange happened at around the 14 minute mark and was asked by this reporter:

Let me see if I understand this:  The reporter thinks she hasn’t experienced sexual harassment?  Irony that a man asked that question?  Where is the feminist outrage here?

Interestingly, the major media outlets asked questions only about sexual harassment charges by guests on Megyn Kelly’s morning show, and fake news charges by President Trump on Twitter.

Other outlets asked about the recent terrorist attack in New York.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it appears that the media isn’t helping its case about being unbiased and informing the public.  In fact, it appears to be more focused on the issues that are relevant to the policies of the left.

At some point, the media needs to take a close look at itself.  While not all news is fake, there is an overwhelming perception that the media is not only biased, but only reports on things that are negative against Trump, unlike what they did for Obama, even if their reporting has factual errors that destroys the integrity of the article.

The powers that be running the show seems in no hurry to self analyze or even to adhere to standards of fair and honest reporting.  If they want to keep harping on how news is not fake, even after throwing a couple of tantrums, they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

I don’t think the public cares if they get things wrong from time to time so long as they offer credible retractions and corrections.  Seems as though they can’t even do that without throwing a fit.


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