Franken my dear, I don’t give a damn.


So the Democrats have finally convinced Al Franken to immediately resign his Senate seat, to accept full and unequivocal responsibility for his predatory and demeaning actions, and that he will now devote his private life helping victims and fighting sexual predators.

And then he failed.


Instead, Franken chose to frame himself.. as being framed, and expressed that most of the allegations against him were false. His explained from his perspective that he saw things very differently. In turn, he took parting shots by trying to rationalize he never gloated “grab her by the pussy” or had sex with underage girls.


Uh huh.

If this was the best Franken could do, then the Democrats have bought more land along Hypocrisy Street, USA.  What can you say about the party of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?”  Is it really a lie if you frame it around good intentions?

Democrats may try to wave this as proof they are “champions of victims”, but Franken never had any intention to apologize nor take responsibility.  Even Pelosi herself lies about every other sentence and somehow manages to be re-elected to a leadership position that sees her public ratings as barely above bottom of the sewer.

For the man-hating feminists who came to Franken’s defense, this must certainly be a blow. His speech was obviously fake, and it was clear the pressure from his colleagues and party patriots was strong.  Still, after it was over, many of his female colleagues cried and invited Franken to grope.. I mean hug them afterwards.

Imagine if he had just said, “To those I have harmed, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I want to do right by you and work hard to earn back your trust.  Allow me to show my remorse in a way that proves I care about my long stated principle of believing the victims. Therefore, I immediately resign my seat in the United States Senate.”

But he didn’t.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think he should have resigned. Not a single Democrat believes in the principles they supposedly espouse. It’s all about power and anything to keep people poor while engaging in class warfare to both keep their power and enrich the leadership and their donors.

Franken’s resignation is nothing more than an attempt at good optics about being morally superior.  And yet, his efforts left a dim bulb in the socket. Right now, he’s the fall guy the Dems are hoping will lay the groundwork for a blue wave in 2018.  Hardly the foundation you would need.

Bill Clinton is still revered.  Sure, there was a short lived “I believe you, Juanita” campaign, but it turns out they really weren’t that serious.  Defenders were hard pressed to abandon him because that would mean abandoning “Her”, since she won’t.

The Democrat Party has yet to offer any retraction of Ted Kennedy’s tribute that was made during the 2012 Democratic Convention, despite his well known and understood womanizing.

Senator (still) Bob Menendez had been charged with paying for underage prostitutes and corruption.  He managed to get a trial and ended up with a mistrial.  He’s currently under investigation by the ethics committee. He never even contemplated resigning. The dirt he must have on his colleagues.

And each day, more revelations of sexual peccadillos come to light as they struggle with messaging on how to deal with it. At some point, they will need to apply a tourniquet as more influential members are forced out.  I’m guessing Franken will end up sticking around so as not to be the only one to drop out.

I need more popcorn.

3 thoughts on “Franken my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  1. He has not resigned. No meaning for “within the next few weeks”, is that within the next 4 weeks, is that within the next 52 weeks, is that within the next 104 weeks, and the SOB is running for reelection.
    Resigned in the way that bill schmalfeldt has quit harassing people.

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