Liberals after Thanksgiving 2017


It appears that Congress has its share of perverts, creeps and bad actors.  Much like Hollywood.

Republican Congressman Joe Barton had a nekkid picture of him released on the internet (no I won’t link to it) and everyone is going crazy that this is even happening.  This sorta brings back the Adventures of Carlos Danger, the shirtless tease of social media, who was flooding the inboxes of underage girls across the country. Wonder what happened to him?


At any rate, it appears that this lewd, if not gross, act is generating calls for him to step aside. The latest scuttlebutt is that he told a woman that if she exposed his sex life, he would call the police. Apparently, having a “quiet” sex life is not a good thing.

When Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore’s allegations started piling up, and the subsequent questions of the authenticity about the accusers after waiting for forty years to say something, the calls from both parties wanted Judge Moore to step down. Some members of the Senate even suggested that if Moore was elected, he faced an ethics investigation that would have him removed from the body.

Al Franken’s “hold my beer” moment came shortly thereafter, and now liberals have changed their minds.  While liberal advocates were busy infighting on whether principles should prevail over politics, it seems some member of the feminist side decided that politics were more important.

Consequently, it appears more Democrats in Congress are being outed.  This has resulted in the surprise revelation of a “slush fund of sexual harassment”, paying out millions of taxpayers dollars to hush those who have accused the elected members of getting a bit too fresh with the pages.. um.. yeah.


In other words, this quiet little problem has been known for years, and now that it’s in the open, members of Congress, staff members, and even political reporters are walking on eggshells waiting to see if they will get a call from the Washington Post.

Obviously, this is much more dastardly than say, uh, a disgraced chairman of a political party *cough*wasserman-schultz*cough* Pakistani IT staff members copying sensitive information and sending it back to Al Quaeda.  Or perhaps even the Russians. Probably just your typical email scandal. No big whup.


Now, there is a new framework to decide which principle to select: Either those with allegations of sexual misconduct must recuse themselves from public office until they can clear their name, or they should be dealt with on a case by case basis to ensure we protect our political power, which got us into this mess in the first place.

I foresee this will end badly, if not humorously, for the Liberals as they continue to eat their own trying to figure out exactly how to get rid of all the bad apples without burning down the orchard.  Anyone have a match?


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