Politics in mid November 2017


Alabama Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore has been accused by multiple women of, at a minimum, allegedly being a creepy man, and at the most, actual sexual assault of while they were underage teens.

Liberals have been doing their best to push the narrative that both Moore, and the entire Republican Party for that matter, are child molesters.  At a minimum, a Republican/Conservative and/or GOP establishment person who has not released a statement on social media by now, is already labeled an apologist.

To address the bad optics that come with these allegations, some RINO’s in the GOP have floated the marvelous plan that Luther Strange, currently filling in for Jeff Sessions term, resign and force the Special Election to be canceled by the Governor of Alabama.  This would have the favorable benefit of keeping the seat in GOP hands when the Governor has to appoint another Republican to fill in, while GOP establishment can solve the Moore public relations problem.

Nothing like letting the elites pick the candidates for the voters in Alabama. Some of these Washington politicos have deemed that Alabamians will be allowed to have a say when they are told the ballot has their blessing.  After all, if they can’t pick the candidates themselves that meet stringent elite credentials, they deserve to have their candidates chosen by smarter out-of-staters.


Of course, no one wants an alleged child molester on the ballot, much less a real one, but certainly a less controversial – read more manageable lackey – would be more satisfactory to the powers that be.

Let’s face it: These allegations, true or not, benefit a media constantly painting Trump and Republicans as the true evil doers and that control of this country should be handed back over to Hillary, or Obama. And maybe that creepy Biden guy who touches every woman that comes within arms length.

With revelations of Senator Al Franken’s past sexual aggression against a former model during a USO tour, which includes photographic evidence of egregious breast examination, it now seems that liberals are about to go to war with themselves.

Some members of the liberal elite believe that Franken should immediately resign.  He offered an apology and it was accepted by his accuser, even through new allegations from other women are coming forward. By the old standards, he is a hero. My, how times have changed in the post “House of Cards” era.

Still, others are saying that Franken’s crimes aren’t really crimes at all, and some have even said that his alleged “victim” deserves no credence since she was a model for Playboy, even though she is working as a news anchor.

The most fascinating aspect of this has been the defense of Franken by hardcore feminists – you know, the ones that hate men – simply because he’s a Democrat.

Still other liberals are rapidly becoming apologists and even suggesting that because not all GOP members are in lockstep opposing Moore, then they can overlook Franken’s sins. In fact, this is really an alt-right wing conspiracy that all started with a dope dealer to Dan Quayle.


While it is true that some members of the Republican party have not commented nor offered opinions on Moore’s situation, it is rather odd that so many have returned to tribalism in the face of sound rational thought.

Senator Bob Menendez was given a public trial that resulted in a mistrial due to a hung jury. There were allegations he paid for sex with underage teen prostitutes. By definition, he should have been skinned and quartered in front of several ethics committees, metaphorically speaking.

The funny thing now is that some members of Congress are calling for an ethics investigation of Menendez because he had a criminal indictment. This is a startling development as if someone thought, “Hey did you know he had an indictment?” and then another replied, “I heard about it after the trial.”

Today, calls that Franken be investigated for ethics and possible removal from office, even though he was not a sitting US Senator at the time, are being bandied about by some of these very same observant members.

Anyone else see consistency?


It seems as though this is about to get much worse for Democrats. And liberals, too. In fact, some have even decided that..

BILL CLINTON’S ALLEGED SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS SHOULD PROBABLY BE BELIEVED – even though most of those wanting to believe are gagging at the prospect of even saying that about their revered icon.  Even a columnist in the NY Times recently changed her mind.  So did Chelsea Handler. Both are struggling for paying members on the internet anyway, so why not?

Amazing how all of a sudden, the Democrat party has realized it is not as pure as the unicorn it believed in.  Meanwhile, chaos is happening at MoveOn.Org world headquarters.


While I have certainly enjoyed watching liberals grapple with years of bound up hypocrisy escaping at light speed, we seem to have lost sight of the basic principles of fair play.

Hollywood is experiencing a modern day French Revolution where any male remotely thinking about sex with another person is being dragged to the metaphorical guillotine and having their series removed from Netflix.

In more extreme cases,  accused actors already filmed movie sequences are being refilmed with other actors in the hopes everyone will ignore the press releases about the change and judge the movie on it’s merits, and sense of morality that they don’t want to be associated with a guy who did something bad years ago and recently came out as gay.

And besides, they need your ticket money because they blew the budget way before the re-shoots.

If the idea that individuals can hold a news conference and share alleged wrongs with absolute immunity that can disqualify someone from public service is even remotely a good idea, we might as well start using pitchforks and inclusive tiki torches and just burn everything to the ground.  We’re almost there anyway unless the meteor arrives first.

Hard to say when rational thought and reason returns before the next mass extinction event occurs, but I plan on eating a lot of popcorn watching the show.

5 thoughts on “Politics in mid November 2017

  1. MY popcorn bag is emptying at the prospect of Joshua K. stopping by and telling you he thinks you should stop posting so much about whatever it is you post about (except hawt chicks, man!) and how he’s not an anonymous shill for Team Pedo and nobody’s paying him a dime to appear out of nowhere so Bill Schmalfeldt can highlight him in a tweet less than 30 minutes later.

    Eh…what do I know, I’m just a zombie.

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  2. Thomas A Mix aggressively supported confessed salutatory rapists Kaitlyn Hunt and defended her having lesbian finger sex in a public bathroom with a 14 year-old minor. He called call the parents of the minor victim “bigoted, disgusting people” who “used the laws to express their hatred and rage” Now he cares about underage victims? I don’t really think so. So now the person who cyber harassed,demeaned and defamed anyone who called him out on his support for a sexual predator now suddenly the #VeroBeachCrybully cares about sexual assault upon minors.

    Funny I’m not convinced of the sincerity of his new found conviction

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  3. ” I am sincerely arguing that we should not force a Democrat to resign for sexually abusing a woman, because I know Republicans never will…”

    Except when they do. Anyone remember Packwood? From the Wikipedia page for Bob Packwood:

    “Four years later, during debate on Clinton’s impeachment, McConnell said that the Republicans knew that it was very likely Packwood’s seat would fall to the Democrats if Packwood were forced out. However, McConnell said, he and his fellow Republicans felt that it came down to a choice of “retain the Senate seat or retain our honor.””

    Democrats have neither, and hopefully won’t gain the Senate.

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