So are you going to resign now?


Wonder how that hypocrisy tastes?


You can read about the predator here.

I fully expect to hear calls from Democrats for Al Franken to resign.


This didn’t take long for the kiddie diddler apologist..


7 thoughts on “So are you going to resign now?

  1. Oh, don’t kid yourself!

    The only thing he did wrong is the only thing any Leftist ever does wrong…

    He got busted.

    Mitt “Binders Full of Women” Romney and Mike “I Never Meet Alone With A Female” Pence are reprehensible sexists,

    Al Franken hasn’t even cracked the top 100 of Democrat sexual peccadilloes.

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  2. The countdown is on. How long will it take for William Schmalfeldt to disavow the actions of child rappist Brett Kimberlin?

    Who am I kidding, he LOVES him some kiddie diddlers. After all, he has 3 friends. ALL of whom have expressed sick interest in children.

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