It was three years ago that Patrick Grady was summoned to Maryland to answer a peace order filed by Bill Schmalfeldt.  And guess what Schmalfeldt did after Grady arrived?

According to Grady’s account:

I gave my name. In return, the lady said something like, “Come again?” I repeated it, and I told her I would like to file a Peace Order. I also had some paperwork from Cook County that I would like to have served. She asked against whom, and I told her. The look I got in return was a combination of sympathy and gratitude. She told me that Mr. Schmalfeldt had called and intended to come in later to drop the order. She needed to fetch a sheriff and pull the file, and she also needed to get her supervisor.

Bill called to say he was dropping the order.  He chickened out. Slinked away.  Slithered out the closest rat hole. Couldn’t run away fast enough. Abandoned ship.

Grady didn’t have to sneak anywhere.  Grady was going to face Schmalfeldt mano-e-mano and Schmalfeldt didn’t want none of that!


Of course, Bill remembers it TOTALLY different because liars will do that.  And they’ll puff their chests because cowards gunna cower.



Let me see if I understand this:  You have PD, need a wheelchair to get around, can only sit for 10 minutes at a time, and you want someone to show up at your door to confront you?


8 thoughts on “Mis-remembering

  1. Hey brother of mine!

    How do you clean The Salty Tears of Cowardice, Maryland Hillside Topsoil and Sand-Encrusted Pussy Juice out of a cotton skirt?

    Not that I ever expect to need it…

    …but I figure it’s better to know ahead of time, and why not consult the World’s Leading Expert?

    But just

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  2. Funny how Bill can turn someone coming from another state to face him in court over an action that Bill himself started into cowardice. But then again, Bill turned standing on a nice safe boat doing absolutely nothing into “storming the beaches of Lebanon”. He turned his military service into a shameful chapter by openly bragging about NOT doing his duty and then lying and wearing medals he never earned. Yeah, that’s they guy I want telling me what a coward is.

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  3. Bill is always complaining that people don’t use their ‘real’ names. But remember that Bill just loved to have his WIFE send court documents for him. Was the trying to hide his involvement or just once again hiding behind his wife’s skirts like the cowardly little prick he is? Maybe he was just trying to kill her quicker knowing how sick she was and how capable he secretly was? I hope he buys Balloon Boy some dresses or he’ll have nothing to hide behind. Oh, notice how Sniveling Schmalfeldt calls Eric a “pussy” for refusing mail from someone who is not a party to any lawsuit. Seems like a bit of projection amiright?

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