You really want to do this?


OK, but don’t say you didn’t ask for it.

Ladies and Gentleman – the challenge:

Prove it?

Schmalfeldt is a child pornographer:

Here is a legal filing from Schmalfeldt v. Grady et al in Wisconsin, that Plaintiff Schmalfeldt entered as an exhibit.. of his own work. Yep, you read that correctly.  Readers can make up their own mind.

Schmalfeldt is an adjudicated rapist:

In 2015, Schmalfeldt filed a lawsuit in Maryland where he claimed Roy Schmalfeldt called him a rapist.  Later, Schmalfeldt dismissed the case WITH PREJUDICE effectively ruling that statements made by Roy Schmalfeldt were true.

Schmalfeldt is a cyber stalker:

In 2017, Schmalfeldt attended a No Contact hearing in North Carolina, where he admitted he harassed Sarah Palmer.  He did it through cyberspace.  Crux of the Biscuit.

The internet is fo-evah!!

And so is this:






8 thoughts on “You really want to do this?

    • Both Hinckley and Edgren were closing in on Schmalfeldt. Schmalfeldt says because his wife passed away, he wanted to end it. Hinckley and Edgren were likely to succeed on the merits of their motions and counterclaims. Schmalfeldt’s blustering quickly turned into cowardice and he ran away.

      Just like he did when Patrick Grady appeared to challenge his peace order.

      Schmalfeldt talks about bravery and courage but he’s never been in a position to experience it.

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  1. “When the South Carolina Federal Court allows this case to proceed…”

    Your face will look like

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