Is someone lying?


He can’t even keep the stories straight with those he loves.


True, but someone is moving.


Sister in law?  Did they get married yet?

Guess not.



16 thoughts on “Is someone lying?

  1. Is he conveniently not remembering this court case?

    COMPLAINT against Patrick G. Grady, Scott Hinckley, David Edgren, Roy Schmalfeldt, Grace, Ashterah, Howard Earl filed by William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr.

    25. Co-defendant “Roy Schrnalfeldt” has published multiple defamatory statements regarding plaintiff, including calling plaintiff a “rapist.” EXHIBIT K.

    26. Co-defendant “Howard Earl” has published multiple defamatory statements and images regarding plaintiff, referring to him as a wife abuser, demanding that he kill himself EXHIBIT L

    Money quote from exhibit k:

    Bullshit, you supperating hemoroid of a sad excuse for a sack of shit.

    You raped someone l loved, and for that, you are going to hell.


    A dismissal with prejudice is dismissal of a case on merits after adjudication.The plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it.

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  2. Rejected titles for this post:

    Is Water Wet?
    Do Bears Shit In the Woods?
    Is Pope Catholic?
    Is Brett Kimberlin a Pedophile?
    Is Dismissing a Lawsuit With Prejudice Legally Equivalent To Admitting the Truth of All Allegations Therein Previously Said To Be Defamatory?

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  3. I never knew “master suite” was another name for.”basement”.

    Because one things for sure. If it was my house and I was the one who could pay the bills, I wouldn’t be giving up the best bedroom for this valor stealing, Parkinson’s faking shitbag of a liar.

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  4. So if his Inflate-A-Boy moved into her sisters house and Bill didn’t, the only conclusion is that even his imaginary boy toy couldn’t stand his stolen valor ass and kicked his ass to the curb. Now that’s some funny shit. Even the voices in his own head can’t stand him. Bwahahahahahahaha

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  5. According to the inflate-a-skank, her sister moved as well.

    It is possible the three of them are renting the place together. If the sister has a clean enough record to pass a background check (i.e. no Microsoft cancellations for kiddie porn, etc), they rent it in her name, the disability-fraud recipient (aka the “mark”) pays all the bills, and his beloved (mk 4) gets the master suite for hizzer fugly cat, anime incest gay porn collection, gaming gear and, oh yeah, the chump who keeps hir in vape goods, hot pockets and internet service.

    I’m not sure this scenario reflects any better on him than the previous theory.

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