Wouldn’t ya know it?


So yeah..

Warning: Don’t click the link in the tweet.  If you want to read it, click here..

From the article:

If the allegations are true, Moore’s definition of “take care of” is different than that of most folks.

Different like a 40+ year old man and 15 year old girl from the Ukraine?  Is there a story on the site about that relationship?

Asking for a friend..




11 thoughts on “Wouldn’t ya know it?

  1. Bill will never write about Brett Coleman Kimberlin the adjudicated pedophile. All members of Team Kimberlin have expressed their knowledge of the younger set if you know what I mean. Ferguson admitted he wanted to screw a 14 year old, Osborne knows enough about child porn to say the kiddie porn someone was sent to federal prison over “wasn’t that bad”, Bill has written multiple skits involving young boys being anally penetrated and having gay sex, and Kimberlin is an admitted pedo that has several documented inappropriate relationships with very young girls.

    TL/DR – Bill won’t write anything bad about those whose whose views he shares.

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  2. At the time of these alleged incidents the age of consent in Alabama was–if memory serves me–14. Not our place to judge what took place at that time using present day law or mores

    Hell I know a young lady who moved in with her 30 something boyfriend when she was 16, she is yet to get to 25. Hell I have her phone number in my phone.

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