You know,  glass houses and all..

Well, at least he is a successful business owner and an upstanding member of his community,  as opposed to living in the house of his girlfriend’s sister.




11 thoughts on “Really..

  1. Picking up dog poop would be an order of magnitude better than being an unemployed, untrainable, unloved, stolen valor participant, and all around worthless pile of whale shit that he is.

    Fuck you, fatass.

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  2. In the house of his girlfriends sister?!?!?


    That’s funnier than his feeble attempt to dox because the Parkinson’s faking shitbag knows that’s all he can do. After all its not like he can run to his employer to try and get him fired like he’s done in the past. But according to the faker leaves everyone alone, right?

    You’re pathetic Mr. Fakinsons. Hopefully the sister sees through you soon and the cure is near.

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  3. So you are saying that Bill is not only sucking taxpayer tit, he’s now sucking balloon boys sister’s tit? GROSS! Come Bill, man the fuck up and get a job. And tell balloon boy, if he really exists, to get a job too. Holy shit but what drains on society you both are. You can sit and play video games all day but can’t sit and code? Or greet at walmart from your fatcart? Or any number of other jobs that require zero skills?

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    • Because the second he got any job the disability portion of his government leeching would stop. He dare not risk that he can’t restart it again. After all of he found one job the expectation is he can find another. God forbid he actually contribute to society in any meaningful way (no, shitbag, based on your service record you didn’t do shit there either, valor stealer)

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  4. ROTFLOL! It seems these crybullies are LUZERS extraordinaire…Thomas A Mix aka the #VeroBeachCrybully is an 30 year-old unemployed high school graduate who has never moved out of the family home!

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  5. If DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt of (just in the last 12 months!)
    …St. Francis, Wisconsin
    …and Clinton, Iowa
    …and Conway, South Carolina
    …and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    …and Florence, South Carolina
    …and someplace else in Florence, South Carolina
    …and back to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    …and now, finally (or perhaps temporarily) in parts unknown, South Carolina, at least until he remembers to file another change of address notification with the South Carolina Federal District Court so they know where to send the Order dismissing LOLSUIT VIII, had any understanding of what he was talking about, he would refrain from writing AT ALL and might rise to a higher position in life than barely surviving on the pity of his balloon fiancee’s (the one with the mouth that resembles a vandalized graveyard) sister’s unwilling charity and getting walked on by cats with shit covered paws.

    But that’s none of my business.

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    • What happen to:

      This will be our final move, as we transition from being hotel dwellers to having an actual apartment.

      I mean like that was only on AUGUST 31, 2017

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