Can’t make this up..

It seems as though if you are losing an election in the polls, get out the message that the Russians are coming.

According to the Washington Post, a vile ad released by Latino Victory Fund caused a furor. This triggered dormant Russian bots into action apparently waiting for instructions from their Kremlin controllers.  Word is, they sowed so much discord on the internet on unsuspecting non-Twitter using voters, that Democrat Ralph Northam’s campaign for Governor may be in real trouble.

We all know that Democrats have been preaching the narrative to anyone who will listen that the Russians hijacked the election against their preferred candidate by using a well conceived plan of fake twitter bots, RT propaganda pieces, and youtube videos only available in Europe, even though the Clinton campaign made strategic errors that are more likely the reason she lost.

Not to be deterred, Northam’s campaign quickly ran to the Kremlin cover story in case the governor’s mansion turns Republican Red, which we all know that Virginia, being a Southern Confederate state, has been a strong Democrat seat.  Years of southern tradition of rich, white Democrats are now in danger from the party of Lincoln, and the more liberal aligned Russian bots.

Is it possible that, perhaps, the saturation of the disgusting ad by the Latino Victory Fund may have played any role?  When do we get the word  that LVF was actually a subversive group owned by Jared Kushner’s joint venture with a Russian oligarch?

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow evening.


Me? I’m buying lots of popcorn for the show.

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