Might be a bit late..

Well, in someone’s case, it’s too late..

Our favorite retired GS-13 writer is all over twitterz once again after reading the latest Hogewash! Team Kimberlin Post of the Day.

And here we go:

He already stated he’s not appealing.  The stunning part is yet to come, dear lad.

Who says he needs to wait to file a counterclaim? I bet it will be a surprise!



Apparently, you doesn’t understand the meaning of “Murum Aries Attigit”..

Dwindling cash? Son, you can’t even get up to a few bucks from your profession without government assistance, much less dwindling cash.



Speaking of false filings, how do you think those other seven failures you’ve filed will be perceived now that the court knows about YOUR past?

Uh huh.



7 thoughts on “Might be a bit late..

  1. You kind of have to step back in awe of the enormous amount of stupidity it takes to write the things he does. The lack of facts, introspection, self awareness. It’s the only thing impressive about the Wannabe Child Urinator.

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  2. I can’t wait until LOLSUIT VIII gets tossed and spends a couple days moaning about how there’s no justice for a red-state progressive under the oppressive regime of Donald Trump.

    And when the fat old racist woman hating anti-Semite lying motherfucker declares he’s “done?”

    Oh, that’s when the FUN really starts!

    Because all I have is FUN.

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  3. Trump Thumping Radio @TrumpThumpRadio

    As for me? Biding my time. Waiting for SC Court to decide what to do. If they dismiss? Meh. I’m done. If they don’t? Oh, my, my, MY!!!

    We have heard that song and dance from him so many times it is like a broken record.

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    • He will be the one doing the handwringing, not us. Oh my indeed! I almost want it to go forward. Just for the LULZ.

      But yes, total broken record. It’s tiresome.

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