Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


There is reason someone is a failure at investigative journalism.

Bill Clinton was unavailable for comment.

5 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

    • Am I missing something?

      I was of the opinion that his “grab them by the pussy” comments were a metaphor, like for a lady to “lead him around by his balls.” Or as Dark Helmet put it, “Women are attracted to wealth and power, and I have both.”

      One of the accusers, represented by Bloom I think, was a porn star who says Trump offered her what she got for a shoot, to stay the night and have sex with him. She turned him down, end of story. Wow. Such distilled evil…

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  1. Tl;Dr – “look at me! I’m relevant in the political conversation! I’m just like Lee, really”

    Reality: an unimportant retarded shitbag whose only hits in his fail of a website are by people who enjoy laughing at his retardation.

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