I don’t think anyone is concerned..


I’m certainly not.

This is what John Hoge said:

I wouldn’t bet on the Cabin Boy finding out who complained to VA. Most such complaints are made anonymously, and according the VA Inspector General’s website, the VA is prohibited by 5 U.S.C. 552a from divulging the name of the complainant to the person who is the subject of the complaint.

The VA website says it, not John Hoge, which only requires second grade level reading comprehension to understand.

Actual text from the website:

What are the privacy safeguards concerning Hotline case referrals?

Hotline cases and complaints are official records covered by the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. §552a. Hotline case referrals are provided to non-OIG offices for review and response on an official-need-to-know basis only, and must not be released to the subjects of Hotline complaints or cases.

Although the subject of a complaint may provide a response during the course of the review, they are not authorized by OIG to receive a copy of the allegations or the case referral. The response to the case referral is part of the OIG Hotline file, and its release is subject to OIG approval.

If the person to whom Schmalfeldt communicated with did share information against VA policy, then that person would be subject to investigation and possible penalties. I would imagine that the system would reveal the ID of the person working the support case. Just search “Schmalfeldt” as the caller.

Notice that Schmalfeldt doesn’t share the name. In fact, he taunts Hoge with this:

If it wasn’t you, Johnny me lad, nothing to worry about. If it was, start worrying.

Why would he need to say that?


Imagine what would happen if a name was given. Who would Schmalfeldt report it to?  The police?  Isn’t that like reporting to the police that someone checked the wrong box on say, a Petition for No Contact Order?  Wonder how that would work out?

And why would he need to give bank information to remove the suspension on his benefits account if he had all other PII? Perhaps there was a banking problem because his bank account was supposedly frozen/not frozen/online access suspended and he needed to provide it again?


I have extreme doubts about this story. He’s just trying to bolster his conspiracy that us Hoge Lickspittles are in a vast alt-right wing conspiracy. I will bear witness that none of us belong to such a group because we all voted not to use “alt-right wing” nor “conspiracy” in the group name.

But let’s say it were true that he was able to cajole a name. I would imagine the person who reported Schmalfeldt saw what Schmalfeldt tweeted, might file another case saying Schmalfeldt received information that he shouldn’t have.

Way to go, dumbass.

Update: I apparently didn’t finish a sentence before scheduling the post. It has to do with reporting the person to the police.  Screwed up that joke…

16 thoughts on “I don’t think anyone is concerned..

  1. Well all know that Schmalfeldt LIES, he once claimed I was “naming names” and that my sister was communicating with him (he was lucky she didn’t sue him because she told me if he didn’t stop she was).
    Schmalfeldt spoke with NO ONE. There was never a report to the VA. The freak just put in the wrong password and locked HIMSELF out of his online access. I’m not sure what befit he gets when he gets all hysterical in public except laughed at.

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  2. As I’ve seen suggested elsewhere, I’m still not certain that he didn’t just fall victim to a scam. The idea that someone called and demanded a bank account number to unlock his accounts made me tilt my head in curiosity. Heck, a scammer would have probably let him vent about his enemies and then promised him a name…

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  3. Trump Thumping Radio @TrumpThumpRadio

    Stick to trolling parking lots and stabbing tires, kids. Thuggish, lowbrow behavior is more your style. Financial sabotage? Not so much.
    11:04 PM – Oct 18, 2017

    This tells me he is lying, as their was no stabbing of tires.

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    • The “tire slashing” is one of the stranger accusations. Someone drove hours (according to him) to slash his tires and only did two of them? Talk about an underachiever.

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      • According to him, he said that Patrick Grady admitted to the crime when asked by the Clinton Police department and that John Hoge told Grady to do it.

        If his case goes to trial, you wonder what how that might play out in front a jury since he maintains it as a cause of action. Discovery would yield a whole lot.

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        • There is a very old Law and Order episode that makes me think of BS. A college professor is murdered and suspicion falls on the husband. Eventually, it turns to a female assistant of her husband who claims that he’s having and affair with her and he ordered her to do it.

          Eventually, she gives the police a note that she says proves everything. It turns out to be a message to campus security that says that his wife will be working late, and since she’d received death threats from animal rights activists, to please increase security. In her mind, she had bent and twisted this into permission to kill his wife.

          It’s like BS. Tires flat? Had to be a conspiracy! Trips and falls? Conspiracy! Milk goes bad? Conspiracy!

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  4. After spending all morning at the VA and then playing phone tag all afternoon bill ‘s story about how fast his issue with the VA was resolved does not ring true.

    The in person visit–while it was not entirely to my liking–did at least work out. Now if I can only get the people who I need to talk to on the phone then that will be solved. That is how busy the VA is, you have to spend hours on the phone just to talk to the person who will help you and do the work.

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  5. “Johnny me lad”???


    News flash you Parkinson’s faking, valor stealing, lazy shitbag: you have less than nothing when it comes to the status or authority needed to refer to a retarded clam in the diminutive or as a ” lad”, much less someone who probably accomplished more with his life by age 25 than you have in your whole life.

    Just fucking DIE already. The american tax payers deserve more than to support you.

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