An internet whodunit!


We have a case!


Well this is certainly a mystery!  Serious shenanigans going on with some naughty boys or girls!

This sounds like we need some serious investigative skills with a reputable firm!



It’s quite clear that something is amiss.  John Hoge shares a possible problem with the story above. His past claims, where he believes someone has caused him harm, has been nothing but hot air and without any evidence to support it, like how South Carolina landlords are checking his “internet” background and then denying his application.

Anyone wanna take a guess at where this will end up?

Yeah, me too.

21 thoughts on “An internet whodunit!

  1. My guess is that it will end up as always… with a fat douchebag and his purple haired toothless inflataskank holed up in a cheap shithole, living the loser lifestyle that they so richly deserve.

    It’s karma beating your fatass into submission, Fatboy…

    Just like it has your entire worthless existence.

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  3. If Bill had any brains he would have done some basic research on his latest “Woe Is Me” scam before he went live. There is virtually NO chance that the target of an investigation will receive information on who reported the fraud. Bill Schmalfeldt has been caught in another lie.

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