Sunday Blessings


The last couple of weeks, I have been battling a very resilient cold.  I’ve been fortunate that I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, the cold manages to turn me into the worst patient.  A few years ago, I had what I thought was a cold.  Turns out, I needed to have my gallbladder removed. 

I’m always leary of doctors anyway. Any profession that calls itself “practice” seems to suggest they haven’t gone professional and you’re volunteering yourself to be the scrimmage dummy.

The gallbladder thing they got right, but if I go back what else will they remove? You know, once it’s gone, it doesn’t grow back, unless someone else willingly wants to donate theirs. “Hey, can I have your kidney?”

Fortunately, it’s just a cold and it’s in week two now.  I took some time off last weekend to rest and recover and that seemed to helped. I would have loved to have taken five days off, but things need to get done and so I’ve just turned to “managing” it, taking naps and breaks when I’m not feeling it.

Please pray for those who are enduring far worse health conditions than I. Keep them in your hearts and thoughts.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead!


One thought on “Sunday Blessings

  1. My Auntie Fern, God rest her, was always ready to tell you about her surgeries…for hours.

    I think the woman was hollow. I know she’d had both breasts, one lung, her gallbladder, spleen, appendix, uterus, ovaries, and few feet each of large and small intestine removed. Oh, and her little toes, but that was done for fashion in the 1940s, so she could wear narrower shoes.

    OTOH, she lived to 89 years old, buried three husbands, all rich, and was sharp as a tack, the life of the party, and mean as a snake if you crossed her, until the day she died.

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