Oh really?


When the “never has been anklebiters” come out from under the porch..

Leaving aside for the moment that someone still doesn’t get Firesign references, he also seems to be talking out his ass again, which is funny considering what Hoge said early this morning in his TKPOD.

According to new Alexa statistics (sorted by global ranking for 7 Oct 2017) in comparing Team Free Speech blogs to those of Team Kimberlin:

All Team Free Speech blogs continue to enjoy improved global rankings over the last three months.

The Team Kimberlin marketing department enjoys mixed results. Breitbit News has enjoyed a rather significant bump, but still doesn’t have a US ranking. The proprietor of that blog is also the editor at large of the Breitbart Unmasked disaster. That site no longer registers a US ranking and is falling in the global ranking.

So decreasing readership? At least it has actual readers that can be measured.

7 thoughts on “Oh really?

  1. Team free speech is improving a lot in global stats, especially Sonoran Conservative, but the US rankings are mixed. So it looks like team free speech is spreading worldwide, but needs to up its game in the US.

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    • I owe all this to the amazing people who are patrons of the other sites and some new followers. I admit I have not been able to do as much as I’d like since real life and work have intruded much more lately. Those 401(k) contributions aren’t happening by themselves.

      I’m not smart enough to know how to monetize my horrible writing much less express my opinions, but am very grateful to those who stop by.

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