Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


So women in Saudi Arabia will now be allowed to drive, as if this is the last enabled right remaining for women in the Arabian kingdom.

His rationalization..

The article talks about how Trump rolled back some of Obama’s executive actions championed by liberal activists, mostly related to abortion and his choices for Supreme Court picks.

I guess he’s never been to Saudi Arabia. I have. He has no clue.


7 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. Ooopppsss, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to drive, vote or leave my house alone. Seems Trump should do more to give me equal rights? Wait, what? I always end up believing liberals are confused about the country they live in.

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    • “I always end up believing liberals are confused about the country they live in.”


      Not to mention… leftists always heart themselves, and throw their support behind, dictators and oppressors.

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  2. A writer … which might have been Victor Davis Hanson, but I don’t remember, spoke of being in a car in Saudia Arabia when a car pulled up next to them at a red light. In the car, was a girl screaming for help. Her father dragged her out of the car and tied her up and tossed her in the trunk and drove off at the green light. None of the witnesses intervened. His host (the driver) warned him he might disappear in the jail if he did.

    A chilling read.

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  3. Capitalism is the worst economic system…except for all the others.

    Democracy is the worst form of government…except for all the others.

    America is the worst place in the world to live…

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