She’s no longer a “fellow”…


It appears Harvard has decided to withdraw the “Fellow” designation from Chelsea Manning.

I don’t think the Harvard Kennedy School dean gets it. While he thinks that removing the “Fellow” designation is sufficient, he seems to forget about the part where Manning broke the law by illegally sharing intelligence to Wikileaks.  While President Obama and Secretary Clinton had condemned the actions, Obama commuted her sentence as one of his last acts as President declaring “Justice had been served.”

While the extent of the damage is unknown, the US was seriously compromised at a minimum and relationships damaged with foreign entities. Whether this resulted in the loss of lives is unknown; the Obama administration never tried to examine the full extent of damage as the assessment was never completed.

My personal view is that Manning is being wrongly elevated in stature in no small part because she is transgender.  Manning, though, is nothing more than cultural weapon of the left who will be pushed aside once she is of no use to them. She became a hero to the left as symbol of oppression from the imperialist American Military complex.

Manning is a convicted felon, and in the eyes of many, a traitor who was given special treatment as a political windfall of Obama’s embrace of social justice.  And hardly surprising since Obama constantly gave bones to his base whenever they cried out.

It’s one thing if someone has a very controversial viewpoint on the world and become an influential political figure. Crazy people can exist in this country without giving away US secrets. Instead, she gained it through purposeful criminal behavior. No one is afraid to confront Manning as is suggested by the dean as reasoning for inviting her; they just don’t want respectable institutions to be associated with someone who cares little for what that institution stands for.

Harvard made a poor decision, and yet continues to fumble the ball by retreating to “free speech” and “controversy” without realizing how much it tarnishes their reputation. It’s bad enough that students that go to Harvard need codling, safe spaces and consoling when they discover that one or more “fellow” students have conservative viewpoints.

This is about respect and integrity of the institution to support the Constitution and American law.  Manning doesn’t represent either.

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