Sunday Blessings


Work has been crazy. Two of the projects I have been working on with very aggressive timelines are impacted by both Harvey and Irma due to colleagues who work in the areas affected. The result has been for me to pick up additional work so my affected coworkers could focus on family and recovery efforts.

Adaptation to life changing moments is something we all face at one point or another. No matter how well we plan, things may not always turn out for the best, especially when we are at the mercy of extreme events.

Thankfully, both individuals are safe. The one on the east coast appears to be out of danger since the Irma moved further west and so he has much less to worry.  My colleague in Texas has come back, but not before spending time helping neighbors and strangers in their recovery efforts.

Although I’ve had to work the last couple of weekends partially to support my colleagues, I’m sure they would return the favor as good people always do. I’m thankful to be around so many who are willing to support their neighbors and strangers when needed.

May your week be filled with His blessings.

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