Let me get this straight.. (updated)

Chief Justice Pro-Se Prosecutor Bill S(chmalfeldt) Preston, esq. is all over the twitterz about process of service to Patrick Grady.  He thinks that because an attorney has made an appearance on behalf of Grady, it means service has been effected.  

Besides the fact his feltdown is mostly wrong on the FRCP, he’s decided to say something in regards to John Hoge’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day . In that post, Hoge states his reasons for collecting on a court ordered judgement against Brett Kimberlin.

In a case where one’s mouth overshoots the target, Schmalfeldt concludes that because of the action being taken, Hoge is somehow destitute and needs the money.

When Hoge explains his reasoning, Schmalfeldt picks up on the fact that Hoge makes quite a bit more money than Schmalfeldt ever could, and doesn’t realize that Hoge is actually mocking him. Go figure.


Schmalfeldt’s reaction is priceless because now he’s decided that Hoge is Mr. Moneybags and the fact that Hoge is getting pro-bono representation in South Carolina, a huge disservice is being enacted on attorney Louis Nettles.


So what is he going to do?

Let me get this straight:  Schmalfeldt is going to tattle to Hoge’s attorney about what Hoge is doing in a case Nettles has no involvement?

Schmalfeldt is now trying to damage the relationship between Hoge and Nettles and perhaps believes this is an awesome tactical move.  Not sure that is very smart on Schmalfeldt’s part, but then again, a box of rocks makes better decisions.

I would venture to guess that Mr. Nettles is probably well aware of Schmalfeldt’s antics, since Schmalfeldt has repeatedly demonstrated bad faith and gross incompetence.  I would say Mr. Nettles may respond politely, and perhaps even suggest in a very southern gentleman way to blow it out his ass.


Update:  It seems a certain someone hasn’t figured it out yet..

It’s in the comments below.


33 thoughts on “Let me get this straight.. (updated)

        • It’s probably going to be better than that.

          Because a DUMBFUCK’s stupidity builds on its own momentum, it’s pretty much a given that his correspondence with Mr. Nettles will be so unhinged and ignorant of literally everything that it’ll very possibly open him up to sanctions.

          I can almost guarantee you that Oliver Wendell Jones never noticed that no one contacted his welfare lawyer in Chicago, because no one had to; and because it’s a magnificently stupid thing to fucking do.

          I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he sent another idiotic ex parte letter to the court complaining about rich Hoge is because he fundamentally misunderstands how life itself works.

          No matter whatever else can be said of Drunkenstein, he never disappoints. That’s why I love him.

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        • Neal N. Bob said:

          “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he sent another idiotic ex parte letter to the court complaining about rich Hoge is because he fundamentally misunderstands how life itself works.”

          Now why can’t you just hush up?

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      • I’m telling you, Nettles is Krendler. Dumbfuck might realize that one of these days.

        On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 12:11 AM, Sonoran Conservative wrote:

        > The Shoveler commented: “Better still, Cabin Boy does not know whether or > not Mr. Nettles comments on Hogewash …. and elsewhere.” >

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  1. Oh, yeah. Nettles is going to just read a single letter from Cabin Boy and suddenly see the error of his ways ….

    Cabin Boy is truly demented. He really believes that his powers of persuasion are just so awesome that upon receipt of his melodious prose, the world changes course. That his bizarre screeds do nothing but reinforce his image of being bugnuts, just escapes him.

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  2. I bet Mr. Schmalfeldt was the kid in school that couldn’t go outside and play and was forced to sit in the classroom with the teacher during lunch because he was a punk and all the other kids used to beat him up.

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  3. The thing I enjoy the most in this epic rant of fail is how he thinks his opponents should spend their own money based on information he most certainly received from Brett Kimberlin who has been failing at this for quite awhile.

    It’s just astonishing that he puts so much thought into how people should run their lives when he has no basis of even understanding how to build wealth, much less live well.

    But it is funny reading his “wondering”.. or wandering tweets….

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  5. This is what he is doing? He does know that he is in a mandatory evacuation zone, I say that he will be told to evacuate no later than sunday. Of course people with special needs are suppose to go earlier i.e. no personal transportation, disabled.

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