Actually, Google is stalking you and sharing it with the world!



You’re not going to believe this.


Here are two pictures from Schmalfeldt’s blog telling the internet about his new digs:

Notice the actual street number is blocked out. (It’s actually 26th Ave S.)

Paul Krendler said the address Schmalfeldt is now staying is 2600 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach.

Assuming the pictures of what Schmalfeldt is showing you is his “true” residence, do you suppose that a tool on the internet could verify this is the case?

Here is the background image from the article:

Here is a similar view from Google, slightly different angle:

To the right slightly, you can see the Vancouver Motel:

Here is a view up the street showing the motels in the background:

From the above view of where this is:

With Google Maps, you can actually view the property from the 24th Ave S location and guess what you see:

And finally the room number to the right which match the first picture in the post.

Now this didn’t take very long to research, even without the address.  In fact, it took me longer to get pics ready than it did to actually figure it out where he was at least taking the photos. There are landmarks in each picture that could have easily given it away.  You can follow this link to see the landscape.

One of two things is true:

Schmalfeldt is living here and him denying it is a lie


Schmalfeldt is not living there and wants people to think so and is a lie.

It really doesn’t matter.  He will have to share his address sooner or later with the court if he hopes to keep his case alive. We’ll all know sooner or later, won’t we?




Can anyone point to where the elevator is?


Update 2: I changed the title gif to something much more appropriate.

17 thoughts on “Actually, Google is stalking you and sharing it with the world!

  1. If you have the skills you can read ” Vancouver Motel” form the picture he posted. I have been fucking with jpeg’s since 1983, trained by Uncle Sam.

    Their is no indications of the supports structures necessary for an elevator.

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  2. And if you look at the perspective of the various photos of the “Vancouver Motel” sign, you’ll note there is a top sign with the motel name and a bottom sign with a marquee. There’s a bit of space separating them, probably 2″-4″.

    In the Google Maps photos, if you extend through that space and beyond, you see sky in both photos. Even if we cannot assume the photos were taken from a camera atop a Google Maps automobile, we can say for certain that they were taken from below the sign. In fact, you can see the underside of the upp sign quite clearly.

    On the other hand, if you examine DUMBFUCK’S photo, what do you see if you extend through and beyond the gap between those signs?

    The horizon.

    He’s on the second floor! Because of course he is. He took a picture of the second floor sundeck of Palmetto Vista Roach Condos, as well as a downward angle shot of the ground level pool.

    How did Wheelchair Boy get up there? Did he jump from the roof of the beachfront hotel across the street?

    If so, I’d pay to see him do it again.

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