The looks you get some days..


A very vocal and liberal friend of mine, who happens to be a staunch Bernie supporter and worked for the local Democrat party as a volunteer, wanted to drag me into a conversation about the Confederate statues.

She prefaced it by saying, “You’re a Republican and a conservative, which is almost alt-right. Do you think we should keep those racists monuments to slavery?”

My response:

“I’m all for the Democrats trying to rewrite their history, especially if it means tearing down the monuments they built.”

She was silent for a whole ten seconds before she uttered.. “Uhhh..” and walked away.


4 thoughts on “The looks you get some days..

  1. I can’t wait for them to strap a rope to Franklin Roosevelt’s monument and make his brass wheelchair wheels roll. That’s how I would answer them by asking the snowflakes if they’re willing to join you and tear down the FDR Memorial.

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