TGIF! Well for some anyway..


It’s Friday! For some of us, it’s been an excruciating long week. For many hard working, tax-paying Americans, the next couple of days bring welcomed relief.

For others, however, it’s the last Friday with a whole buncha lingerin’ questions..

For example:

Will I have someone sitting next to me on a bus that is larger than I am and take the middle arm rest?

Will my excellent friend be able to drive me to the store to pick up more Depends if things start to go bad in court?

Do you think my huge evidence folder will fit in the overhead bin?

How many times will I have to fall down and scrape my head before the Judge believes I have a progressive disease?

How much bail money will I need if the Judge jails me for contempt of court?

Do they have wifi in the county jail so I can tweet?

Why won’t that ADA lawyer call me back?

Will Tanya be cooking or will it McDonald’s every night?

How long does it take a judgment to appear on my credit report?

So many questions to ponder for next week..





7 thoughts on “TGIF! Well for some anyway..

  1. You know the new editor of BU is gonna have a hell of a job cleaning up he mess the present editor is/has made, that is if the new owner, who will take over next week does not just shut it down.

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  2. I predict he is likely on a bus to Maryland. Whatever his “twitter evidence” is he believes it’s a slam dunk. With such a firm belief of him winning with this new twitter evidence he wouldn’t miss showing up for the world.

    I bet at least five passengers have already told him to shut up.

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    • Slam dunk… yeah.

      I mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect to my wound care doctor today; since he’s actually good at what he does, I was not surprised he wasn’t familiar with it, at least not by name. Oh, he got “cognitive bias” right away, though.

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    • Being forced to sit next to the Twitter Attorney at Law for multiple hours on a flight, or a bus in Bill’s case, just might be one of the worst punishments I can imagine. I feel sorry for those poor people on the Greyhound heading to Maryland this weekend. However, I wold love to ask the impression they had of the Cabin Boy.

      #PLM #PLM #PLM

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  3. What causes me quiet glee is how Willy’s delusion of what is clever has now backfired so magnificently. The “poop flake” school of responding to discovery has not been the brilliant success that the founder originally believed it to be.

    Krendler asked a question a while back: “How much dumb could a dumbfuck fuck if a dumbfuck could fuck dumb.” It is I suspect unanswerable. The quantity of dumb available from Willy appears infinite, and apparently his capacity to fuck is zero. Zero times infinity is indeterminate.

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    • Like you, I am delighted by the situation he has put himself in.
      For a very long time I have been waiting and wanting to see him fall in heaping pile of crap – the same, if not worse than what he gives others.

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