Homework from the Magistrate

In Schmalfeldt v. Grady et al, the court issued a “Roseboro Order” which essentially is an explanation to a pro-se plaintiff on what happens during the Motion To Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment phases.

The order is here.  It contains, as an attachment, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 12 and Rule 56.

Does the court know he doesn’t read the rules?  Asking for a friend.


3 thoughts on “Homework from the Magistrate

  1. I could be wrong but if you read the SC Roseboro order below he would’ve been granted more time to respond had he not blew his wad early. Not now because according to paragraph 2, ECF 50, the court has docketed his response and will consider it in due course.

    After reading the order it’s obvious the magistrate doesn’t plan on reading the defendant’s blogs as ordered.


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