Sunday Blessings


This has been a very busy week both work wise and family wise. School starts for the last child this week. This has greatly reduced the amount of time I need to cause trouble in general, so there is that.

School expenses seem to get worse every year, and are compounded by the number of extracurricular activities she’s elected to participate. Fortunately, the State of Arizona has a way to help which allows a dollar for dollar write off on your taxes when you contribute to a school’s extracurricular activity fund.  Still, there are things that aren’t covered that require more money.

6GJo1.gif (500×282)

For example, as part of her honors classes, they travel to different cities once a year which costs a cool couple of grand plus spending money. And of course, for all those concerts where she has to wear certain apparel where the ensemble costs at least one Benjamin.

*sigh*.  Need to plant more money trees.

Wishing each of you a wonderful and blessed week!



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