In case you’re wondering..


Football season is here!

Pro teams are already practicing. This Thursday is the first preseason game between the Cowboys and Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game.

Fall camps have started for the college teams and my alma mater is looking to build on a 9-4 season with the youngest experienced team that Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Snyder has ever fielded.

This may have been the longest, most agonizing wait I’ve ever experienced knowing full well the chances for both my teams to play in championship games.

And, of course, one of my favorite Rule 5 celebrity wears all the right gear..


Time to get pumped up.


Steelers look to be favorites to win the AFC.  Wildcats are top three in the Big 12 and could become champions for the third time under Coach Snyder.

It’s looking like a great year of football!

7 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering..

  1. Honestly, I have a hard time watching football any more, and not just because the U of Illinois football usually sucks. The “announcing” has just basically turned me off.
    But you have all the fun you can. There are way less useful things to do than watch/follow football, and not only in Florence, SC.

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  2. I have been a football fan since forever…

    But I boycotted watching any NFL games last year… including the Super Bowl, because of the NFLs stand on the Colin Kraperdouche debacle.

    The first time I see some overpaid drama queen not standing for the anthem, I will do the same this year.

    Too many heroes have (some that I have known and served with) been buried under that flag for me to support an entity that puts up with that bullshit.


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