Twitter Court: Permissive Joinder (aka, “I don’t know what I’m doing”)

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85In Twitter Court, Schmalfeldt has thrown down yellow fear pee line in the sand since making a motion to dismiss the six unnamed parties.

Using his impressive research skills, like those he uses to doxx people with, he has come with a way to add more defendants at a later time.






He really thinks SPQR is hiding?  From him?


Permissive Joinder allows a defendant to be added if there are claims that arise from the same set of actions, and happens frequently during discovery.

Except.. except.. there is one small.. wait.. one REALLY LARGE PROBLEM with this, in his case.

Schmalfeldt has to establish jurisdiction to go forward in his case and will have to establish the same to add defendants.  Anyone following this and previous cases knows that when it comes to jurisdiction, Schmalfeldt never seems to get his feet off the ground to clear that hurdle.

Oh, and I should mention something else about permissive joinder:  It also allows plaintiff’s to be added for things like.. counterclaims..

Just sayin’…


7 thoughts on “Twitter Court: Permissive Joinder (aka, “I don’t know what I’m doing”)

  1. Two words for a DUMBFUCK: “Unclean hands.”

    Two more: “Res Judicata”

    Two more: “Collateral Estoppel”

    Two more: “Insufficient Evidence”

    Two more: “Malicious Prosecution”

    Two more: “Vexatious Litigant”

    Two more: “Rule 11”

    Two more (and you’re very familiar with these, DUMBFUCK:) “Case Dismissed.”

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    • Clerk: Another amended complaint? What is this, four now?
      BS: Misspelled my name in paragraph three.
      Clerk: Last time it was in paragraph four. Before that, in the header. Did you check and see if got your name right everywhere?
      BS:Yes, I did a search for Schmalfeldt with the correct spelling and couldn’t find any errors.
      Clerk: OK.. wait a minute.. *sounds of scanner ..
      (several minutes go by)
      Clerk: Entered. Anything else?
      BS: No, that should do it.
      Clerk: Have a nice day!
      (Bill slowly walks away. Before he reaches the door)
      Clerk: Mr. Schmalfeldt? Your name is misspelled in paragraph eight. See you in a couple of weeks!

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