14 thoughts on “Rule 5: Thursday

      • Well if we are going to indulge in euphemism, let’s at least acknowledge that usually they are plural.

        (Actually, I have been told that, like martinis, one is not enough and three is too many. The martini part of that saying I comprehend, but the rest is well outside my personal experience. I am admittedly provincial.)

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        • Bond, James Bond, needed additional experience. Miss Moneypenny should have taken him in hand (interpret that as you will). With respect to the curves under consideration, the appropriate approach is seldom shaking and never stirring. A prolonged but very gentle agitation gets the best results as far as I am concerned

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        • Life’s lessons are always learned too late. I was about 19 or 20 when I began to get a clue about girls, but, by that time, it was way too late: they had become women.

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        • Not understanding the problem.

          My first “experience” with a female was when I was 18. She was 24. She was a great teacher. She was also married, but those are the stories reserved for nights at the bar, drinking some good beer.

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        • At 18 I was still too uncertain to try my chances with woman of 24, but I was getting real insights into the psyches of girls of 16 or 17: they really liked to laugh. Once you had them laughing (with you, Bill), you could frequently find other areas of intense mutual interest, even in a Volkswagen bug. Sadly, by the time I had this particular life lesson fully mastered, their criteria had become far more complex.

          After a while you could get one laughing so hard that she would marry you before she remembered the other criteria.

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