Pro Bono Lawyers and Settlements

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Just thinking out loud here..

Reasons a lawyer will settle a case:

It’s in the best interest of both parties.  Usually, lawyers attempt to settle the case to avoid trial and to not run up the expenses on the client.  Going to trial is an expensive endeavor.  Attorney’s will often seek a fair settlement for both sides.  It’s always preferred when the outcome is not certain.

Reasons a lawyer won’t settle a case:

Pro Se plaintiff is a dimwit and the case will be easily dismissed by having a first year paralegal write the Motion to Dismiss which usually suffices.  It gets the paralegal some good experience and the attorney can work on his/her golf game.

Reasons a lawyer that is Pro Bono is not a “welfare lawyer”

Because the lawyer has principles and believes the interest of Justice is served by helping someone who either can’t afford to pay, or they just want some light work.

Reasons a lawyer that is Pro Bono is a “welfare lawyer”

Because some Pro Se plaintiff wants to file a dumb lawsuit and asks the court for help.  In one particular instance, said Pro Se plaintiff travels to Chicago only to learn that the lawyers were like, “Dude, this won’t fly.” and then proceed to separate themselves from said dumb lawsuit.  Can’t even KEEP a welfare lawyer.

OK, done thinking out loud.


11 thoughts on “Pro Bono Lawyers and Settlements

  1. And a DUMBFUCK got fired by his welfare lawyer and the lulzsuit dumped.

    But I’m sure that filing substantially the same one in South Carolina won’t leave a mark. Nope, it won’t leave a mark at all.

    Despite the vast history and all the available evidence, I hope this one goes to court, just to see if Drunkenstein wears his hat in the courtroom again.

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      • That’s why I can’t wait for August 21st, when he has to explain how his previous statements about being the Rosa Parks of not taking the bus are now … inoperative.

        It’ll be even better if “I’m sorry I threatened to sue you, Your Honor” is included.

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        • After publicly declaring his intention to file suit against Judge Hecker, I would think it’s sort of expected.

          On the other hand, who expects a DUMBFUCK to learn something about courtroom etiquette after Friday’s new smashing humiliation? Not me.

          Maybe he’ll show up in his gimp mask.

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        • I certainly don’t expect him to learn anything because he’s shown no desire to want to learn. He already knows everything.

          I fully expect him to tell the Judge he should have allowed him to Skype precisely because he believes his “disability” gives him that right. He’ll rationalize that Westminster was TOO far, and NC was not, even though he had six freakin’ weeks to work out a plan, but jumped on a bus after declaring destitution in less than a week’s notice and was half the distance.

          By Golly, he’s gonna put Judge Hecker on notice that Bill isn’t playing around!

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    • And has to be told by the bailiff to take it off, as I understand it.

      This from someone who from his military days should know all about when it is appropriate to wear one’s headgear indoors and when it is not.

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