Congratulations to the Winner!


Today, Sarah Palmer stood up to the bully.  And she won.

Judge Betty Brown: “I find you guilty.”

Gotta love it.  Bill said he wasn’t going to go, and then he did.  A classic stalker move.  They do that to bring the victim’s guard down.  She didn’t buy it and she was ready. [Ed Note –  I’m also told she didn’t use the “Because Schmalfeldt” defense.]

Sarah is not stupid.  She planned her case well.  Standing toe to toe in front of a Judge, she made her case.   He made his.  He didn’t do very well.   She wasn’t going to be bullied or harassed anymore.

Of course, this has implications for Bill because he traveled on a long bus trip when he said he couldn’t.  He used the same excuse not to travel to Maryland and went on a bizarre rant that, unless he was allowed to Skype his Show Cause hearing, he was going to sue the State of Maryland.

Judge Hecker was not amused.  Now, Bill has to stand in front of Judge Hecker on the first day of trial and explain why he couldn’t show up for a hearing six weeks after the order was published, but went half the distance to a hearing he was never served. If this gets into evidence, he’s in for a long stay.

Seems like he’s going to see a lot of this look in the future.


To be fair: Bill has a right to defend himself and should.  Anyone who is served with a No Contact/Restraining Order will have an interest to protect their rights.   Sarah was well aware he could show up and planned for that situation.  It paid off.

One wonders when someone who already has multiple restraining orders would figure out where the problem is.  Of course, he has skipped attending prior hearings with one excuse or another.  For him to show up and hear those words “I find you guilty” must have been a truly magical moment.  If only I could have seen his face.

He has been told many times by me (and others) on various sites that he should just get off the internet, settle his cases and then just enjoy his new life and love.  His disability aside, he has time to still enjoy a wonderful retirement.

And yet, he chooses not to do that.  He is obsessed with winning against people who won’t let that happen.  Eventually, the justice system will  become tired of hearing the battles, or someone will win big against him and he will have lost recourse via the courts.   When that happens, he’ll have wasted all that for naught.

Take the advice seriously, Bill.  You lost this round.  You have more rounds coming.  You put yourself into this and there is a way out where you salvage some peace you say you want.

Or,  you can just keep it up and end with nothing but heartache, having wasted any chance at peace.  And lulz for the rest of us.


13 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Winner!

  1. Moobs McStalkerazz ain’t got time for that, Hermano….

    He has got it in his mind he is going to strike it rich one of these days… and one of us “right wing nut jobs” is going to keep him dick dent deep in cigars and cheap hooch when he wins the lawsuit lottery.

    That is why seeing his bullying, harassing bullshit fail and fail and FAIL gives me such joy.

    Keep it up, racist stalker. I will laugh my ass off at you while living a very pleasant, comfortable life that I EARNED.

    By the way… love the look of the revamped site, my compadre…

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    • Thanks for the kind words, bro!

      As far as Bill, he needs to have a disinterested third party smack him on his dented cranium to say “Stop this bullshit!” If his new girlfriend had any sense of decency, she’d do it for him. Alas, reading her twitter, I think she is probably not the person but would egg him on.

      But, not my problem. He asked for it.

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  2. Here’s where shit gets well and truly real.

    Let us suppose that Ash’s attorney attaches to her motion to dismiss Lulzsuit VIII for ball-breaking stupidity, delerium tremens and all-around creepiness a motion for FRCP rule 11 sanctions,

    Do you suppose that today’s events, including a judicial finding that his “I’m just like a lawyer!” shenanigans is abject fucking nonsense makes it *more* likely that such a motion would succeed or *less*? If the federal court lacks the mercy to immediately put this lulzsuit to sleep, how likely do you suppose it is that a DUMBFUCK will be allowed to continue representing himself, given that he managed to earn a restraining order from one of the defendants before she was even served?

    The Johnnie Walker Red Baron is committing legal suicide before our eyes, and I couldn’t love the show more.

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    • Furthermore, from what I understand, a court of competent jurisdiction ruled on the merits that Schmaleldt’s Lionel Hutz act is delusional horseshit, which at least strongly suggests that the federal court in Florence is going to keep him on the very tightest of leashes. Even his miniature master hasn’t fucked himself into that kind of a corner.

      I just hope a DUMBFUCK doesn’t use his latest humiliation as a pretext to run away before responsive motions are filed, which I think there’s about a 60% chance of. This is the only joy I have left.

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      • I have a feeling that he’s going to double down on stupid.

        He REALLY LOATHES that she won. Bill doesn’t like it when women beat him face to face, so I think he’s really going to try coming out swinging and do even more shit.

        So he may EVENTUALLY run away, but not before committing more insane acts of stupidity.

        I think this is setting up for a CATEGORY 4 MAJOR LULZ event.

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        • Then life as he knows it is basically over.

          I get that Commodore Dipshit doesn’t yet understand just how badly his little performance art piece this morning hurt him, both in Florence and Maryland, but it’s bad. Real bad.

          And now he’s going to deal with responsive motions from four very pissed off defendants, all of whom may have separate, experienced counsel and a court that’s going to keep a very close eye on him and have a very low tolerance for bullshit. AND he’ll have to do that while figuring out how to save himself from ruin in Maryland without being able to introduce evidence.

          Boom Boom Kimberlin can barely keep up with that pace, and he’s a whole lot smarter than my lulcow and not nearly as addled by the crazies. .

          I figure that he has about a week to save himself, maybe two, before he’s locked in. At that point, it’ll be lights out. If even one defendant counterclaims, it’s over. And all four have cause to counterclaim.

          But I hope you’re right. I need the laughs.

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      • …suggests that the federal court in Florence is going to keep him on the very tightest of leashes.

        Will that be before or after he tries to file his Second Amended Complaint, and will Judge Brown be added as a defendant?

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  3. So he showed up, as predicted–the denials were just too cute by half.

    Did he lurch in with a big smug grin, thinking he had pulled a fast one on his adversaries and they would now quail before the thought of having to fight off his brilliant legal skills?

    And he lost. To a “dim girl”. To someone who was “Stupid” to dare think she could win. We can only imagine the pain, the humiliation he must be feeling. We have to–he went twitter silent. Protecting his tweets (from mockery). He’ll be back, of course. He has to, for the same reason a toddler holding his breath eventually has to stop breathing again. This is all he has.

    There are 7 billion people on the Earth and many of them live in abject poverty and misery and yet all of them, to the last one, are grateful that they are not the guy who he sat next to on the long bus ride back. 8 hours of loser-rage would tax the most patient of souls.

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