Moving Day!

how-to-prepare-for-moving-day-2Ah, yes.  The day when you start the next chapter in your life.  A new place, new neighbors, and a vision that things are going to be better.

Young couple with moving vanBring some beers, get out the music, and start unloading the truck and boxes.  Sure, it can be exhausting, but the goal is to get the two or three trucks unloaded, most of the furniture in roughly the place it needs to be in, and drinking some beer and eating pizza to stay motivated.

The next few weeks are merely meant to get everything put it in it’s place and to start to make it a home.  New memories begin almost immediately.  Once the routine settles in, we’re back to living the good life and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Unless you’re moving from say, Myrtle Beach to Florence, South Carolina.  Then it’s just another hotel room.

But hey!  At least it doesn’t require an internet check.

Wonder where the litter box goes?

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