Twitter Court: Oh really?

4a2e68e0813de0788848dab6c3443c12Tonight’s meltdown in chambers is one for the ages.  Bill is all about defendant’s having to prove various allegations.

Update:  Forgot Eric Johnson’s part of the rant.  Added below.



Actually, in real court – the burden of proof is on you.

You have to prove that Eric Johnson’s statements regarding your recordings of boy scouts would not cause a listener to think it would be pornagraphic.   You also accused Eric of abusing his daughters, but he doesn’t have prove you said it.  You have to show that what he said was false and that’s where you run into the “Here’s a post that says you inferred, implied, or actually tried to get the reader to think Eric abused his daughters.”

The same would apply to your PD.  You have to show that what he said was false because that’s your allegation.  His defense will pretty easy because it would contain your own posts and words.

You have to prove that Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler.  If he gets on the stand and denies it, what happens then?

You have to prove that Hoge’s statement is false.  Kimberlin tried to do that before and failed.

As far as incitement, are you planning on using that Order on the MTD in the Trump case as precedent?  Because that would be hilarious.

For The Dead Pirate Zombie Sarah Palmer, you’re going to have prove that what she said was false and that is a very large blog.  Good luck with that.

And what about Friday?  Now you’re going?   Let me get this straight:  You’re going to move on Wednesday and then be in Greensboro on Friday?   So you say now that you can travel?  I’m sure Judge Hecker would love to hear about this.  I’m guessing a rental car?

Ok, then.

Oh wait, you’re not done?

You are going to trial because you violated the settlement agreement reached in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright case.  How do you figure you won that one when you’re being sued for violating it?

And why does the scorecard matter?  Oh right, you’re like 0 for whatever and he’s about to run you off the rails.

Anyway, it was a wonderful Feltdown.  Kudo’s bro.






6 thoughts on “Twitter Court: Oh really?

  1. He doesn’t get – has never got – the whole idea of burden of proof.

    “Hey Bill, you’re the spawn of Satan – prove me wrong.”

    See how that works?

    [Narrator: He won’t see how that works.]

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  2. And through all of this… When he blathers on about everything anyone says being libel, the ONE thing he has NEVER contested as libel is that he stole valor.

    Why is that, Mr. FAKinsons?

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  3. These deaged fruitcakes on Twitter all believe that people they are abusing and defaming have to prove something to the courts. It doesn’t work that way. These pathetic losers have to show REAL damages not internet butthurt! Creepy freaks like Mix and Schmalfeldt are bullies; they are not the “victims” they claim to be!

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  4. bill you poor, stupid, dumb SOB go and pay an attorney to explain the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to you as they relate to the allegations in your law suite and the tweets in his post. Every one of the allegations in the tweets in this blog post are covered by res judicata per teh FRCP they have already been decided and not in your flavor. You are in S.C. you should be able to retain the services of an attorney for no more than $125.00 hell with your alleged disability they may only charge you $50.00 or $75.00 an hour.

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