Twitter Court: Stalker’s Rights (facepalm update)

macaca_nigra_self-portrait_custom-a8e13582c9ca6f71f5cd62815b8bb5d6ff112dc2-s300-c85Apparently, if you are the victim of a stalker, and you do not provide the stalker with your correct address on your Restraining/No Contact Order, you are violating the stalker’s Constitutional Rights.









Sarah Palmer got a restraining order against Bill Schmalfeldt for his harassment back in early 2016.  Now he wants her address and is upset she isn’t living where she is SUPPOSED to live.

In trying to serve her for his vexatious LOL suit, he decided to harass her again.  Only this time, he wants to call the police on her because he says it’s “perjury” since she didn’t use her real address when she filed the petition.

Of course, anyone who has ever obtained a restraining order knows that the address of the victim may be altered/removed from the copy the stalker gets.

But not Schmalfeldt.  He seems to think he has a right to know where his victim is.


I cannot tell you how stupid this man is.   There doesn’t seem to be a bottom for his stupid hole.

Here is what Bill said when he called the clerk about the restraining order.  Seriously, the man is a deranged cyberstalker.



Huh.  Let me see if I understand this:  The law allows for a different address on an RO so that the victim is protected and you’re saying that’s illegal?


Facepalm Update:

Well, he did it, I guess.   The stalker actually sent stalking evidence to the police about Sarah Palmer’s alleged perjury.

I kid you not.

12 thoughts on “Twitter Court: Stalker’s Rights (facepalm update)

  1. Uh…

    Last seen Nov. 2015; first seen Jan. 2016.

    So many possibilities.

    One possibility: signed a lease in Jan.; took occupancy in Feb.

    I don’t know.

    I wonder who else simply doesn’t know.

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    • Costs money, like his live365 radio station? A minimum $60 a month. And because he’s using Indeed and been verified against TOS, he’s opened himself up to liability. And yet, he lives as a pauper. I’m certain there will be motions to challenge his IFP before long.

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  2. Never once does ha manage to comprehend that fact, which I firmly believe will be shoved back in his stinking piehole, that it really doesn’t matter where she was when you were harassing and stalking her, you were harassing and stalking her all the same, and any LEO or actual court officer should look at this and prosecute for being a creepy fuck all you your life, which is in fact covered under SC statute (1963, Creepy Fucks vs State).

    PS: you’re in the South now and folks handle things different than you may assume, bless your heart.

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  3. Although I’m a Rican from NY I live in the South and LOVE here, Bill is making a mistake. He counted local law enforcement about when he thought I was Grace…..Mix and co did the same. The laughter could be heard across county lines

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  4. I think DUMBFUCK stands a much greater chance of standing before a judge and explaining his perjury when he told the court he was physically unable to stray from the nunnery with his Life Alert and that doing so would endanger his life. Oh, and Blob will be standing before a judge that has just sanctioned him and it will be during a currently scheduled show cause hearing. LOL!

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  5. Hmmmm…”first seen…last seen” with no details as to WHERE these town names (not addresses, actually) were seen? Seems obvious they were ‘seen’ on the Indeed resume, no? So these are work locations, not home addresses, as far as anyone can tell from the beenverified content that Fatsack published (in violation of the terms he agreed to when he made his account there.) Wouldn’t surprise me if they took action against him, should they find out about that.

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