Congratulations are in order (Updated).

Bill is projecting about his weight loss on the Twitterz.

He can actually wear his XXXXXXXL shirt and have room to maneuver, even though he supposedly couldn’t raise his arms above his shoulder, because Parkinson’s.

Congratulations, Bill.  You’re not as fat as you used to be.  I guess you can buy a shirt with one less X to cover your fat.  (In case you want to know, I wear XL myself, but not because of the gut.)

In other news, I’m looking at starting another in home routine.

Update:  Bill responds because, you know, Parkinson’s..

I never said anything about his hands, I said his arms above the shoulders.  I didn’t say his arms above his head.  Clearly his arms are above his shoulders and his hands above that.   Paul Krendler said the same thing over at his blog.

GS-13 comprehension skills right there.  And why is he upset?  Shouldn’t he be happy for his weight loss?

Can’t even give a compliment these days without any appreciation.  Never let a good deed go unpunished.  Sheeesh..



5 thoughts on “Congratulations are in order (Updated).

  1. He IS asking for a very stupid blogger. You said shoulders; he said head. Most people get that distinction. Now for any blogger who routinely has his head stuck up his ass, the head routinely is under the shoulders so you can understand a stupid bloggers confusion.

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  2. This is why William “stolen valor, Parkinson’s faker” Shmalfeldt will rant and bluster about how he’s going to lolsuit everyone for DEFAMATION ELEVENTY!1!1!1!@! about his fakinsons, but when push comes to shove he will do JACK SHIT outside of twitter court. Thanks to over sharing and his own actions he knows he would get busted for faking it and all the ramifications that come with it.

    I remember seeing a reposted tweet from the shitbag saying something like “an attorney would tell him to keep his mouth shut and if given the chance SETTLE!!1!1!1!1!1!” or words to that effect. I wonder if he will reflect on those words as team free speech destroys him.

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    • One might say he loses the ability to handle abstract thought.

      [I just wanted to throw that out there since he seems to set some store by the idea. Not that he understands the idea just that he thinks its the sign of a smarty person and he throws the phrase around like a dead cat to try and show people how smarty person he too is. Bit of a hoot when he does it really. kind of like the monkeys at the zoo chin rubbing and looking serious.]

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