No Bill, It doesn’t work that way.

jwbe6m7Bill Schmalfeldt likes to think he is a sharp reporter, and whatever facts he comes up with supports whatever story he wants to tell.  Everyone else has a responsibility to prove him wrong, even if his logic, facts and innuendo are utterly wrong.  His first mistake is to assume he has “credibility.”  I think after reading this, and you were still on the fence, this should surely knock you off on the side of righteousness, and lulz.

Bill was stupid enough to announce how he supposedly “doxxed” me on a podcast which you can read here and here.  You can also follow the systematic destruction of his logic here, here and here from the zombie horde.   Stretch your lulz muscles beforehand.

Anyway, even with all that has been written about his “reporting skills” in this failed exercise (as with many others), he stands by his story.  Of course he would.  Once you’re mired in stupidity, it’s difficult to get out as he has proven time and time again.

To make matters even funnier, he says I have to prove him wrong by giving him my phone number, an ID and we’ll talk like gentleman and settle this thing.


You’ll notice in the comment that because I “protected” my tweets, it means something! Well, to you it does, that’s why I did it!  That’s why when you were dialing numbers on your podcast and got a fax machine, I tweeted:

I only did it because I knew I’d get a reaction from you.  Guess what happened?


Here’s the thing, Bill:  I don’t have to do JACK SHIT for you (initials are JS in case you needed help doxxing him.)   I am not required nor inclined to prove or disprove your story.  (Note, the previous sentence was a breadcrumb I purposely left to help you find Jack Shit.)

You are trying to sue me and other people over butthurt.   Instead of verifying you had the right person, you picked someone using .. I don’t know what you were using, Johnny Walker maybe… discovered their story, and are now attempting to extort information out of me, while actually criminally libeling me according to [redacted].


No Bill, I don’t have to do anything. I already answered your question.  I’m not the person you say I am.  Your logic doesn’t prove I am the person you say I am and I don’t have to communicate with you directly to disprove it.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for you.  And more lulz for me and the rest of the Zombie horde.

Update:   It’s hard to get out of stupidity.


5 thoughts on “No Bill, It doesn’t work that way.

  1. Paul Krendler has done DUMBFUCK a genuine solid by documenting in exquisite detail the massive logic FAILS that yield an “identification” that only a credulous idiot with a terminal case of confirmation bias or Bill Schmalfeldt (BIRM) would believe.

    Hey, speaking of brain-damaged idiots, remember this? Pepperidge Farm (and the Zombie Horde) remembers!

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    • Money quotes:

      I’m missing things that a writer who has accomplished things I’ve accomplished in my body of work should never miss.

      But we also knew that my ability to process facts and keep them organized would eventually suffer from this condition. And I have certainly reached that point.

      But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.

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  2. wow
    an adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser, with NINE restraining orders wants you to give him your actual name/number to prove you aren’t the person he has made extremely weak claims that you are.

    Failure isnt just a hobby with Shakey McFatAss, it’s his daily job.

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