San Bernardino and the Liberal Utopia

Liberals believe in the magical world of “Liberal Utopia”.  Every person has enough money, a good job, a nice home, plenty of vacation time, sick leave, clean air and equality.  No more one percent or poor class.  We’re all middle class people, happy people.

No one disparages another.  All buildings, public displays and visual arts have been thoroughly vetted from instituted government laws and guidelines for anything that may be offensive to any single person.  Every place has a safe space to protect against micro aggressions that may be inadvertently triggered.

There are fully stocked grocery stores displaying only organic products with informative, sensitive labeling.  Diseases have been controlled or eradicated.  Handicapped people have all their needs attended.  Elderly have readily available medical care.  No one is an immigrant.  There are many genders. Everyone is embraced as a citizen.

And all the wine you will ever need.

Communities have regular indoctrination training on how to be good and sensitive to their neighbors.  Racism, misogyny, bigotry, and religion have been relegated to the tomes of history.  Stories are told of how we evolved from the “evil capitalistic empire.”  History books recorded the heroic efforts of progressive martyrs who sacrificed so much for the sake of Liberal Utopia.  Problems are easily solved by the government for the betterment of everyone because no one disagrees.

Oh, and, no need for weapons or guns.  With the exception of unfortunate accidents, people live to a ripe old age, happy and fulfilled.

No one fears another.  We have nothing to worry about.  We live in the Liberal Utopia that we all deserve for ourselves and our children (the ones that aren’t aborted.)

Of course, this world can never possibly exist.   If anything, Liberals are nothing more than walking contradictions and hypocrisy.  Science, by itself, says that such a society is not only impossible, it would defy the natural order.  Don’t tell that to the enlightened liberals.

You see, humans are a species like all other living forms that exist on our little blue planet.  We aren’t perfect, and are we meant to be.  We exist on the confines of this world through the grace of our Creator.  And if you don’t believe in one, that’s fine.

With that said, Liberals think the evolutionary programming that compels the drive towards survival and resilience can just be turned on its head.  This is about as brilliant an idea as actually thinking taxes and government can change the planet’s climate.

The reality is we are an aggressive and dangerous species.  Today, while most people in modern society are not interested in killing another human being, there are still many that roam our society, including those who have power over millions.   This unfortunate fact is often glossed over by the heirs of  Liberal Utopia.

Matter of fact, those who we mingle with on a daily basis have the capability to kill.   When it happens, sometimes it is instinctive or compulsive; others its part of their culture or ideology.  And still in others, its to survive.  Ironically, humanity’s evolutionary programming is not any different than other species that exist on this planet.  We just happen to be at the top of the food chain, unless you lean over too far on a river boat ride in Africa and a crocodile wants a snack.

For the Liberal Utopians, however, it is the ones that kill with GUNS that send them into high orbit, shedding any and all traces of intellectual thought.  The entire reason that Americans have the right to guns has to do with preserving freedom.  Somehow, in all the noise they create, this small part, from their perspective,  gets overlooked

Our forefathers understood that governments are instruments of the people, but could easily manifest themselves into oppressive or totalitarian regimes.  Giving the people express rights to keep the government from having too much power ensures the real power is kept with the people.

With that right comes great responsibility.  As a society, we made laws that say using guns for killing your fellow citizen is wrong and as a consequence, established a system of punishment as a means of deterrence.  Sadly, not all people will adhere to the rules and therefore, those individuals must suffer the consequences of their actions.

Liberals, however, go much farther.  They believe that violence, especially with guns, is something that can be eradicated like polio, or homelessness.   When it comes time to defining the solution, liberals think its easy.  If liberal solutions and intelligence were like yeast, we’d have nothing but flat bread and could never make good wine nor moonshine.

Polio was defeated because science used the polio virus to create a vaccine to help the body build up defenses to protect itself.  In essence, a biological weapon turned against it.  It was an ingenious means to use nature to help itself and save millions.  Sure, it wasn’t 100% effective at first – these things take time. However, the analogy that “well, if you take the polio away no one will have it and it will stop killing people” is how liberals apply logic to the gun violence issue.

Never mind the fact that the greatest vaccines developed today use the same deadly killer virus to help overcome the disease.  We use toxins and venoms to produce antidotes.  So why couldn’t we apply the same method for senseless gun killings?

Without even having to wait, Liberal Utopians will automatically avoid the intellectual path laid out and at high speed, careen right of the cliff with, “OH YEAH?  SO YOU THINK MORE GUNS IS THE ANSWER?”  Oh, Lord.

No, the answer isn’t more guns.  No one is even suggesting that.  Use your intelligence, you dolt!  The answer is to give people the ability to defend themselves (which includes, but is not limited to, owning a gun) so that when violent people want to kill you, the idea that you might be capable of defending themselves with, perhaps, deadly force may help them realize its not such a good idea.  Call it “local mutually assured destruction.”

It is true that violent, uncaring liberal democrat individuals will not think about consequences if they are intent on killing you.  That’s why they are called crazy, irrational, mentally unstable, mad…

So the responsibility falls to reasonable people to make sure they are prepared with whatever resources and training needed to protect themselves and make sure the liberal democrat perpetrator is neutralized.  Since the second amendment allows me that right, it is a much better approach than just say removing all the guns.

In the natural order, having the position of strength is important in helping to perpetuate the species to become better and stronger.  Removing guns to reduce the number of mass shootings is only a stop gap.  Some say it worked in Australia to reduce theirs.  A growing number of Australians, however, are rethinking that idea because there are still shootings (no really!) and many are concerned about the terrorist threats coming from Malaysia and Indonesia where Islamic extremists numbers continue to rise.

Sensible minds know and understand:  Defense from a position of weakness conflicts with peace.  The same is true for gun violence.  Taking away the guns shifts the power to the violent offenders, but more importantly, the political power as well to a few.

Getting back to San Bernardino:  Utopian Liberals went crazy.  They went after all the pro-gun people and NRA on social media with a vengeance.   Without ever knowing the motives, some liberals, like the editor at Daily Kos, accused the GOP it was responsible for the killings.

Alas, one of the downside of being a Utopian Liberal is that there is no drive to become smarter.  They have all they need, so why have intelligence?  No need to wait for facts, just say, “LOOK! GUNS!  BAD GOP!”  Instead, it looks like its the same kind of people that Utopian Liberals keep defending: Radical Islamic extremists!

One of the most interesting dichotomies in observing the Liberal Utopian:  The noise they make seems to get louder and louder while at the same time, their ideology is rooted in weak self-image; individuals must have safe haven from bad people.  In lock-step with their ever increasing visceral rhetoric, they are amping up their terrorist bullying of those with opposing views.

What is laughable is watching them define concepts like safe spaces, trigger warnings, micro-aggression, as a shield to appalling concepts like racism, bigotry and misogyny.  Those labels to have been broadened in definition to be used as weapons for shut uppery and silencing the opposition.

If anything, Liberal Utopians have managed to be offended by just about anything.  Watching college students protest perceived injustices and intolerance, some of which is faked on their part, makes me sad that these same people will be entrusted to make decisions in dealing with threats to America, such as Islamic Radicalism.

If one of them is elected, will they have to have a safe space during negotiations (assuming of course, the terrorists negotiate)?  The future looks extremely dim for America’s future if Liberal Utopia is the direction we’re heading.

My advice, point and laugh at them and watch them cower into their safe spaces.  Gun violence is an unfortunate by-product of our freedom to defend ourselves from tyranny and oppression.  Whether the threat is real or not, is not the issue.  When the government knows the population has the means to end it, those with less than noble intentions will not be able to transform it in the way Palpatine did for the Galactic Republic.

As far as the San Bernardino tragedy, the State of California wants to be heading towards a Liberal Utopia, except the terrorists are in the way.  Wonder what effective weapons would be used by the Liberal Utopia military.  Oh wait.



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