The President and Unions: Walker gets under President’s skin.

union_buttonOn twitter, the Blaze has this tweet:

Scott Walker signed the Right to Work legislation he promised, removing requirements that individuals must pay union dues even if they aren’t union members.  In what many liberals call a blow to the states union workers, the task of now trying to restore Union pride is all but lost.

The problem here, like most leftist idealism, is that when Unions were first formed, the climate under which workers were subjected was far different.  We were a much more industrialized society, where working conditions were often harsh and labor hours were long.  With no safety regulations and support for employees by legislation, Unions offered a much better alternative.

Today, that isn’t so much an issue as labor laws have caught up to Union demands and employers are less likely to force workers to endure grueling conditions without due compensation.  While some workers may work longer, employers are required to follow state and federal laws about providing overtime compensation, as well as vacation, medical benefits, and other amenities.

At the same time, most small businesses, which have never been impacted by Unions, are still exempt from most of these laws, and many workers have never gotten the same benefits Unions have been successful in achieving.

President Obama seems to think that the law has somehow set back Unions.  He forgets he represents ALL American’s and not the declining base of Union workers which represent a small number of actual middle class workers.  The President has done no favors to the declining middle class despite his six plus years in office and has dramatically increased the number of poor.

The fact that the administration continues to harp on the same message since the campaign of 2008 shows just how out of touch he really is.  Congratulations Scott Walker, on not giving in to the thugs of the Unions.

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