Hillary’s Email Conundrum: When the Press can’t save you.

hillary_ClintonHillary Clinton’s email problems from the NY Times article caused several media supporters to come rushing to her aid by attempting to paint Republicans as also using private email addresses in an effort to temper, and perhaps kill the obvious issue.

Their efforts to demonstrate hypocrisy on the right was ground to a halt when Fox News showed video of a July 2007 speech in which she called out the Bush administration for using private email accounts as part of a larger “cronyism and corruption” scheme to obscure the public on its war efforts.

From the Daily Caller:

“Our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts,” Clinton said. “It’s a stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.”

There have been a number of journo’s on Twitter who have decided to go after other public officials, such as Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, and Congressman Jason Chaffetz.   With the exception of Powell, the remaining officials are not Federal employees or appointees, but rather state level elected officials, not covered by Federal statutes, but more importantly, they would not have access to classified information like Clinton.

In Powell’s situation, he had a private email address.  However, his use was primarily for staff and housekeeping activities, as well as to communicate with family and friends.  He did not have a State Department account, but there has been some chatter about him not using it for confidential communications.  Since Powell was the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he would most likely understand that using a non-government email account for classified information was not allowed.

Clinton, on the other hand, set up a domain and an email server, that apparently was operating within her residence, to handle all of her private and official government correspondence.  It is not clear how much of the email she handed over after her tenure and the Administration did not request, nor audit what she did turn over.

The problem you have here, however, is that, if Clinton had used her private email system to pass classified information, she would be in violation of the same statutes General Petraeus just pleaded guilty for allowing his mistress access to his classified material, and subsequently, lying about it.

The Conundrum is, now that she is on record accusing the Bush administration of the same illegal activities, she has to figure out a way to get out of the public relations rock and hard place.  She has just announced that she wants the State Department to release her emails, except, the emails that people want, are the ones on her server that aren’t part of the archived record.

This is just another attempt by her to push away the onslaught until she can figure out how to deal with this nightmare.  I would say that if she can somehow get enough people to draw fire and cover her, she might be able to minimize the damage to her impending Presidential bid.  That is, if she can get the support base to side with her.  That’s right, Dems:  She’s your candidate!

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